And Maggie was, in point of fact, dead right about the Euro.

This is shockingly good, considering that it came from Saturday Night Live:

Forget who linked to it first on Twitter. Probably Sonny himself: I follow him, after all.

Moe Lane

PS: Notice how fewer British rock stars are taking the time now to complain about Maggie than you’d expect? – Yeah, well, a lot of those guys can tell the difference between 83% (or 98%), and 40%.

The lady’s not for jumping.

Oh, this was Maggie to a T.

Short version: There was a  Swedish interviewer once who had a gag where she asked her interviewees to jump (a perfectly harmless gag, mind you).  When the interviewer had Margaret Thatcher on, Thatcher downright refused to jump on cue.  Cheerfully. Without apology.  The word ‘puerile’ was used.  As Maggie put it:

I made great leaps forward, not little jumps in studios.

That she did.  That she did.

Via Political Wire and @RobinDLaws.

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#rsrh The Iron Lady Teaser Trailer.

It’s… probably going to suck.

Claire Berlinski
has it right, I think: it doesn’t quite ring true for Maggie Thatcher.  The family’s also reportedly not happy about the script.  So, my remaining hopes on it not sucking are now reduced to:

  • Early trailers often make a movie that doesn’t suck look like it sucks.
  • Meryl Streep has sufficient professional pride (and enough of a healthy desire to not wreck her largely apolitical professional reputation) to not do a hack job.

Neither hope is precisely forlorn, but it doesn’t look good.