Makatiel, Habbalite Prince of Disease [In Nomine]

Ah, what could have been. I wrote this a decade ago with an eye to getting it made part of In Nomine canon. It… was not to be. But I feel that this was ultimately not due to the write-up itself.


Habbalite Prince of Disease

The World is sick, and I am its physick.

They all called him mad, of course.  Such is the price of genius. And make no mistake, Makatiel was one of the smartest Superiors to ever reach apotheosis: it was one of the two things that made him dangerous.  The other thing that made him dangerous was his tendency to obsess, which was noteworthy even among celestials.

Makatiel was from the first generation of demons created (by Beleth, in his case) after Lilith freed Lucifer from Hell.  Very few of his contemporaries have survived to the present day, perhaps unsurprisingly. After all, most of them developed oddly, and were prone to suicidal forms of madness in their later years.  While still alive, Makatiel’s own inner insanity lurked inside his fascinated loathing of humanity; the Prince of Disease had a name for being aware of the most trivial (to demons) corporeal matters.  Very few besides Saminga regretted his passing, and none were foolish enough to display their feelings where Asmodeus could see.


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