Ach, who am I kidding? I’m pumping myself up for midnight.  Not going to play it all night, though. Just enough to confirm that the game is up and running. In the meantime, here’s some ridiculously good fan Mass Effect music.


“Misty Mountains.” (Cover)

Early night: I ain’t feeling that hot.  Anyway, no attempts at crass commercialism, although if you want to be imposed on in such a fashion anyway

Speaking of ‘anyway:’ anyway, here’s Malukah.

I’ve mentioned her before.  Those of you who got in on The Banner Saga: she did some of the vocal work.  Which is nice.




It may shock some of you to hear that I’m STILL playing Skyrim. It’s not my fault: the fans keep putting out good mods. The one I’m using now even addresses a major flaw in the game: even after you join the Bard’s College you can’t actually, you know, be a bard. This mod fixes that: your character can now play about five or so musical instruments, and – we’re getting towards the point now, I swear – play a bunch of fan-made Skyrim-themed songs.

Oh, yes, this is so totally a thing. But this isn’t a Skyrim-themed song: it’s a Mass Effect-themed song, which made me straighten up in my chair when my Dragonborn started singing it in an inn. (more…)

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