xkcd calls it on Idiocracy.

I watched about half of it, all the while muttering You could have at least referenced The Marching Morons,” until I more or less lost interest.  I think that this comic has helped me understand why.


It’s because the movie was smugly smoking crack, that’s why.  And, absent the social insight, well… Idiocracy just ain’t all that as a film.

Moe Lane

PS: xkcd is indirectly referencing something called the “Flynn Effect,” which basically indicates that average IQ scores have been going up since we started using IQ tests.  For some reason, the most obvious answer as to why – better infant and child nutrition worldwide means less brain damage – is being resisted by some; ach, well, it’s not like this is my field of study anyway, so I have no skin in the game.

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