#rsrh I think that Mark Hemingway is a little annoyed.

Much as I hate to cast aspersions on anyone  – “Ha!” Again I say, “Ha!” – I have my suspicions about this Weekly Standard article by Mark Hemingway on Media Matters for America, and their utter inability to move the needle on anything.  I mean, I agree that MMfA can’t, well, move the needle on anything – and, speaking as someone who writes for a political site with actual influence on domestic affairs*, I can agree with the following.

It’s actually a badge of honor among most right-leaning reporters and bloggers to have done something that they find risible.

Indeed, it is.  Still, I suspect that Mark’s just mad because the Transcendent Glorious Mind-Lords over there can’t spell his name consistently right.

Unfair?  Only superficially: this is the level of reporting that you get from MMfA, you see.  Notice that this post is not up to RedState’s front page standards, which is why it’s not there right now.

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Moe Lane

PS: If you’re wondering why people are suddenly name-checking that website, it’s because the Secret Ascended Masters of Space-Time Itself over there got caught declaring a Crusade against Fox News, complete with infiltration squads.  We’re only human, here in the VRWC: if you present us with a rear to give a free kick to, and if you deserve to be kicked, expect a kick sudden kinetic activity…

*Like The Weekly Standard – and most assuredly not like MMfA.

The Reality-Based Community’s *Having* a Breakdown?

I suppose that Mark Hemingway’s Corner post title is technically possible – but from where I’m sitting the quote-unquote ‘reality-based community’ started their breakdown some time around 12 noon on the Wednesday after Election Day 2002.  They expected to win seats back then, not lose them – and the disconnect between their expectations and objective reality drove many of them quite, quite that.  After almost seven years, you’d think that we’d find another word for that besides ‘breakdown;’ not that I’m a trained mental health professional or anything.

On the other hand, I am an experienced site moderator, and speaking as one of those I’d have to say that Misters Malloy, Carcaterra, and Boehlert are just a touch too inappropriately anticipatory when they talk and write about the supposed upcoming wave of American right-wing violence in general, and almost eager when it comes to their ‘worries’ that the President will be assassinated.  Although if asked, they would all bluster on and on how they’re merely concerned and dreading that potential outrage, of course.

Of course.

Moe Lane

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