#rsrh ‘…A dying superpower’s blundering response.’

This Mark Steyn post starts brutal, and doesn’t particularly feel the need to stop:

So, on a highly symbolic date, mobs storm American diplomatic facilities and drag the corpse of a U.S. ambassador through the streets. Then the president flies to Vegas for a fundraiser. No, no, a novelist would say; that’s too pat, too neat in its symbolic contrast. Make it Cleveland, or Des Moines.

Normally this is where I’d say ‘read the whole thing,’ but this time I suggest that you get your blood sugar up first.  As it is, you’re going to have enough trouble keeping your temper in check over what kind of natsec dark place this administration has taken us to this past week.

Moe Lane

PS: Please understand this, and do not pretend to not understand: the only people who want the Right to sit out this election are the people who want Barack Obama to be reelected.  I don’t care what their reasons are for that, and I would appreciate it if you did not care, either.  Mitt Romney for President.

#rsrh Shorter Mark Steyn: We don’t have the money.

This NRO post is being linked in a bunch of places, so let me add to the chorus: it’s depressing, but frightening in its possible prescience.  Steyn’s point really does boil down to this: we don’t have the money, we’re not going to get the money any time soon, and our political class is running out of road on which they can kick this particular can.

Steyn does have the luxury of not having to operate inside the American political system, though.  And while I know that it sucks to have to choose between ‘bad’ and ‘worse,’ history since January 2007 should show even the most rigorous partisan purist what happens when you let the American people get conned into choosing ‘worse.’  That we let them get conned is, of course, a personal failure on many people’s part, including mine: clearly those of us fighting in 2006 or 2008 were not influential enough or articulate enough or energetic enough back then to stop the avalanche.

Or perhaps we were just not numerous enough.  One hopes that’s the answer, at least…

Moe Lane

#rsrh QotD, This Will Depress You edition.

Mark Steyn, who is about as approving of Energy Secretary Chu’s arrogance as I was yesterday:

Nevertheless, having nothing to show for blowing a trillion dollars of other people’s money does at least make the point in a fairly spectacular way: the distinguishing feature of the west at twilight from Sacramento to Albany to Brussells to Athens is the failure of the Chu class – the People Who Know What’s Best For Us.

True, but consider this: remember when you could read the phrase “blowing a trillion dollars of other people’s money” and roll your eyes at the hyperbole?  Now it’s probably a low-ball number.

Quote of the Day, Mark Steyn edition. #rsrh

On the odd nature of rebellious Americans:

I’ve been saying for months that the difference between America and Europe is that, when the global economy nosedived, everywhere from Iceland to Bulgaria mobs took to the streets and besieged Parliament demanding to know why government didn’t do more for them. This is the only country in the developed world where a mass movement took to the streets to say we can do just fine if you control-freak statists would just stay the hell out of our lives, and our pockets.

He ends a little depressed, although I don’t see why he should be. After all, he lives in a country where Mind Your Own God-Damned Business is a venerable battle cry…

Pushback on some pushback rhetoric…

…I hesitate to call it a ‘meme.’ At any rate: somebody – presumably somebody from the other side of the spectrum – attempted to derail Mark Steyn’s observation that Adam Nagourney is sounding a little bereft-of-information these days by rhetorically asking:

You do realize that Democrats have won every single federal-level election since Obama’s election, right? Five.

Err… wrong, actually.  Eight.  And the attempt to eliminate the loss of NJ’s governorship (and pretty much VA as a whole) from consideration is both duly noted, and mocked. Continue reading Pushback on some pushback rhetoric…

Alex Renton is half-right in his first sentence…

…of his paean to the idea that the West should indulge in voluntary extinction:

The worst thing that you or I can do for the planet is to have children.

To use the Internet slang phrase: There. FIFY.

Via Mark Steyn, who properly eviscerates this nonsense so that I don’t have to.  I’ll just be highly rude and point out that Renton himself has more than one kid, or at least plans to; which makes the aforementioned first sentence a rather unfortunate admission on his part…

Moe Lane

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I’ll raise Mark Steyn’s offer to two bucks, even.

It’s only worth twenty-seven cents to me personally because I don’t need confirmation: there’s simply no way that anybody could be as obsessed over Sarah Palin as Andrew Sullivan is unless he was carrying around a raging case of closeted heterosexuality.

Up to and including wearing the moose head.

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