Mearganta [Martial Art] [GURPS 4e]


Skills: Brawling, Wrestling

Techniques (Common): Ground Fighting (Brawling), Headbutt (Brawling), Kicking.

Techniques (Polladh): Aggressive Parry (Brawling), Counterattack (Brawling), Disarm (Brawling), Ear Clap (Brawling), Elbow Strike (Brawling), Jam (Brawling), Knee Strike (Brawling), Two-handed Punch (Brawling), Uppercut (Brawling).

Techniques (Fáscadh): Breakfall (Wrestling), Choke Hold (Wrestling), Drop Kick (Wrestling), Feint (Wrestling), Head Lock (Wrestling), Knee Drop (Wrestling), Leg Grapple (Wrestling), Leg Lock (Wrestling), Trip (Wrestling).

Optional Traits:

Secondary Attributes: Increased HP, Increased Will.

Advantages/Disadvantages: Destiny (required, as long as it’s about how you’re going to die), Hard to Subdue, High Pain Threshold, Rapid Healing.

Skills: Boxing, Karate (note that Brawling will still be necessary, even if the other two skills are available).

Meargánta is a martial art that one might find in worlds where somebody can absolutely and unquestionably learn how they’re going to die.  In this particular case, it comes from a Celtic-themed culture whose members routinely receive geasa which prophesy that they will be killed by a one-handed man with an axe, or something along those lines; this encourages a certain recklessness among those fighters currently not facing their ultimate bane. Meargánta perhaps encourages said fighters to be even more reckless.  Meargánta is a martial art for the grimly stoic; and while it is not deliberately cruel, its fighters tend to be ‘dour.’

Traditionally, all Meargánta initiates are taught the basics of screaming, rushing their opponents, and striking them at very close range, with casual disregard for their own defense.  After this is learned, students of the art will concentrate on either Polladh, which teaches even more ways to hurt people directly; or else Fáscadh, is mostly about to how to have leverage and stress points do the hurting for you.  In either case (or both), defensive techniques are rarely taught. If this is the person who is going to kill you, then why prolong matters?  And if this is not the person who will kill you, why bother?  

There is no cinematic version of Meargánta.  The entire style is a cold-bloodedly pragmatic way to take full mundane advantage of a wondrous condition.  And its practitioners tend to have a personal grudge against the esoteric anyway, as befits people who more or less labor under an unshakeable curse.

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GURPS Martial Art: Swarm (12/20 pt) [GURPS 4E]

Swarm – Google Docs

Swarm [12/20]


In any world where at least some individuals have access to life eternal, or even life endless (call them Immortals), there will inevitably be those who will use their advantages to try to take over the world.  And then, just as inevitably, there will be those who will learn how to effectively fight and neutralize those Immortals. This martial art comes from a secret society dedicated to effectively combatting opponents who cannot be killed, but who can be knocked down, over, and unconscious, as well as be immobilized, hurt, or even just beaten up.  Swarm is extremely intensive: practitioners are expected to train in their maneuvers to the maximum level possible, and fight equally well both alone, and in groups. It also teaches enough occult lore to give Swarm adepts the basics of general monster hunting.

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GURPS Martial Art: Umbrella-Fighting [GURPS 4E]

Umbrella-Fighting (7pt)

This style is not really suited for realistic campaigns, but it should work fine in urban magical or steampunk ones.  It need hardly be said that anyone planning to use this style should invest in a specially-reinforced umbrella (or a weapon that simply looks like an umbrella).  Still, as a fighting weapon the classic unfolding umbrella has its charms.  Adepts typically use a long, heavy umbrella (Staff) with a pointy ferrule (Rapier) and a curved handle (Axe/Mace); sudden switches and reversals of grip and stance are practiced until they become second nature. Note that the umbrella must be reversed in order to use it as a mace.

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New Martial Art (Supers): Lock-On [GURPS 4e]

I’ve been kicking around various versions of this style in my head – and possibly have put an earlier version online: I can’t remember. But, wow, that Luke Cage trailer. That trailer is what reminded me of this style. Bricks who know how to fight skillfully; yeah, I’d watch that. Or play that.

Lock-On (20 pt)

This is a martial art designed specifically for ‘bricks:’ that is, superheroes with lots of strength and damage resistance.  It does not specifically teach how to punch or kick harder, however.  Teachers of Lock-On instead teach their students how to use their strength and bulk more effectively, plus how to subdue normal criminals without breaking them.  This style also encourages thinking in terms of three dimensions: students learn how to use heights and cover to their best advantage.  A well-trained Lock-On adept is not necessarily a ninja, but she would be taken seriously by one. Continue reading New Martial Art (Supers): Lock-On [GURPS 4e]