New Martial Arts Style: The Mind’s Hand [GURPS 4E]

Martial Art: The Mind’s Hand (5/10 pt)

This particular martial art is taught in worlds where psionic powers are known and codified.  The basic style is taught alongside regular psionic abilities: the style teaches the student how to make skin-to-skin physical contact with his opponent, hopefully thus allowing the student to use his psionic abilities to greater effect.  The Mind’s Hand is a very fluid, very quick style; Evades and Feints are emphasized, as are unusual fighting stances. Also note: the uniform of The Mind’s Hand is typically skimpier than normal. An elbow or ankle works just as well as a hand when it comes to making skin-to-skin contact.

The cinematic version of this style is typically the province of monks who spend thirty years sitting on a mountaintop, maintaining their existence through sheer force of psionic will. A cinematic adept will still be primarily skilled in psionic techniques, with ‘merely’ enough combat abilities to terrify the average fighter.

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New Martial Arts Style: Spellfighting [GURPS 4e]

Spellfighting (10pt)

This martial art was created to give mages something of an idea of how to handle a close-up and personal brawl. Its primary skill is Brawling, for simplicity’s sake; it assumes that the mage is being beset by several opponents at once, and teaches appropriate techniques.  There are also some specialized techniques for use with heavy wands and staves.  The heavy wand in particular (uses Smallsword, and is equivalent to a baton) is associated with this style: Spellfighter students have specially-reinforced wands made, and usually proudly displayed.  It should always be assumed that these wands have been enchanted with at least the Staff spell. Also note that a Spellfighter is also almost always a mage, and thus has theoretical access to any number of useful spells that rely on physical contact. Continue reading New Martial Arts Style: Spellfighting [GURPS 4e]

GURPS Martial Art: Megapolisomancy Kung Fu.

Megapolisomancy Kung Fu (24 pt)

This is a discipline that’s literally of the streets: nobody knows who teaches it and nobody knows how it got started in the first place.  It’s only seen in urban areas, and large urban areas at that.  On the other hand, a Megapolisomancy Kung Fu (MFU) adept from Bombay will use the exact same techniques as one from Nairobi, so there’s clearly some kind of communication network going on.

MFU is a style of ambush, sudden attacks, and quick retreats. Its adepts fight silently, and with a full awareness of their surroundings – not to mention a fine appreciation of psychological terror.  MFU practitioners seem invariably to have sprung from the homeless population of the area; interestingly, they are also invariably far too healthy for their surroundings, remarkably clean, and untroubled by either psychological conditions or addictions. They don’t particularly seem prone to go looking for trouble, but they definitely seem happy to confront it when trouble comes up. Continue reading GURPS Martial Art: Megapolisomancy Kung Fu.

Would-be attacker literally shoots himself in the foot.

Well… ankle.

Robbing a man who turned out to be an ultimate fighter proved to be a bad decision for a convicted felon, who is now in bad shape as he is held on bond.

Yeah, it didn’t end well: and I’d like to note that said ultimate fighter originally took the sensible view that when a man points a gun at you and demands money, well, you can always get more money.  But then the alleged robber ordered the ultimate fighter out of his car, and when that sort of thing happens you are suddenly now in a very different, and very dangerous, situation.  In other words, one where it’s not fighting back that makes you a damfool.

Speaking of different and dangerous situations: the alleged robber managed to shoot himself in the ankle while in the process of being disarmed, pinned, and having multiple lacerations and two black eyes administered to him.  Which I am sure is going to make for awkward social encounters while in lockup…

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