Begun, the GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY 3 Leaked Trailer War has.

Mostly fought on YouTube, and savagely enough that at the moment the only clips available of the GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY 3 trailer have been deliberately chopped and filtered. Presumably this is because Disney’s AI isn’t so much being developed as it is being desperately constrained: regular techniques for avoiding takedown notices would ablate under its impersonal, yet brutal gaze. I’m just glad that Disney can’t hack my wetware.


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I finished MS. MARVEL.

I liked it. MS. MARVEL is fun, in the same that THE UNBEATABLE SQUIRREL GIRL is fun: the people making it fundamentally like comic books, and not for what can be done with them for [INSERT PET CAUSE HERE]. The main character is endearing and the action is good, while being as nonviolent as you can when people are throwing giant balls of solidified energy around. I assume that all of this ends with Young Avengers, or something, and that’s cool.

All in all, I had a good time. Not my favorite Disney+ series (LOKI was my favorite), but definitely fun.

So, I watched the first episode of MS. MARVEL.

Actually, I liked it. MS. MARVEL is very fannish, which will not appeal to some; and some of the superheroine’s devotees are rather intense about their fandom*. But this show itself was fun. They’re going with ‘magical artifact’ rather than ‘mutating gas’ for the power origin, because… I dunno. Because cramming mutants into the MCU, however hand-waved, is gonna be hard at this point, I guess.

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The strategically pixelated THOR: LOVE AND THUNDER trailer.

Worried that THOR: LOVE AND THUNDER might be a solemn affair? Concerned that the general ‘Jack Kirby drops some acid but was able to maintain’ vibe of the original might have been an one-time thing? Unsure whether Chris Helmsworth has gone off the Marvel boiled-chicken-and-Sisyphus exercise routine?

Then do I have a trailer for you.

It’s dumb and I love it.

Finished up HAWKEYE today.

Chewing through all the MCU stuff I haven’t seen yet, because tomorrow or Sunday is gonna be DOCTOR STRANGE. After this, I watch ETERNALS tonight, which should catch me up completely. Probably unnecessary, but what the heck. I should relax sometimes.

Anyway, HAWKEYE was fun. I worried going in that Kate Bishop would be written as this god-tier replacement who would show Clint Barton how it’s really done, but instead we got a buddy cop series. Or ‘buddy secret agent’ series, maybe? Anyway, Clint doesn’t need to be taught the power of friendship, because he’s well aware how powerful it is; so powerful, in fact, that it’s left a few pieces behind in his soul. And Kate is commendably bandaged and rumpled by the end of the series; perfect, she is not.

All in all, HAWKEYE is a fun series that reminds itself on a regular basis that, geez, it’s Christmas. I should have finished it earlier.


5/6 of MOON KNIGHT done…

…and it’s very possibly the best Marvel series Disney+ has done to date. MOON KNIGHT started messed up, and it’s kept it up since then; and, given how Hollywood* the hero’s mental illness is, it’s doing a pretty good job giving you the feeling of what kind of trauma’s he’s going through. It could still blow up the ending, but we’ll know next week.

This would have been an absolutely awful movie, by the way. There’s no way you could do this in two hours without it being far too rushed. But as a six-part miniseries MOON KNIGHT works.

*Which is to say: gratuitously and cinematically incorrect.

MOON KNIGHT continues to be entertainingly messed up.

We are on four of six for Marvel’s MOON KNIGHT, and that means that things were gonna get weird this episode. And they do! Which is to be expected, considering that Oscar Isaac is playing two characters who are so different in personality and affect that I actually had to remind myself that these aren’t twins or anything. I figure that the next episode will involve some kind of amalgamation of all of these multiple personalities, in classic Hollywood pseudo-psychiatric style.

Or maybe they’ll just do therapy. I mean, the title character is absolutely, no-fooling nuts. I’m mildly surprised there’s not been more fuss made about that.

The THOR: LOVE AND THUNDER teaser trailer.

In all of its 1980s-1990s glory. The Guns N’ Roses theme in particular made me chortle. They’re not even trying anymore to hide the pandering to my generation, are they?

Not that I mind.

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