Item Seed: The Mask of Cleopatra.

Mask of Cleopatra – Google Docs

Mask of Cleopatra


Description: a half-face ‘mask’ made up of delicate golden wires supporting a clear blue crystal.  Despite its appearance, the Mask is incredibly durable; it also does not particularly obscure the face. Oddly, most people seem to forget fairly quickly that the bearer of the Mask is actually wearing it, as it more or less just seems to fit the face.  Only women may wear the Mask of Cleopatra; well, men can wear it, but they get no benefit from doing so.


And you’re thinking of the wrong Cleopatra, actually.  Maybe.  The nature of the Mask obscures the issue.  The Mask of Cleopatra was originally owned by Cleopatra Eurydice (henceforth to be known as ‘Cleopatra-Prime’), one of the many wives of Philip II of Macedon, and — according to some fragmentary and frankly dubious records — supposedly destined to produce a child who would conquer the world. Which is why Philip’s wife Olympias had Cleopatra-Prime’s kids’ murdered; if anybody was going to conquer the world, it would be Olympia’s child Alexander.  Cleopatra-Prime committed suicide, the board was cleared, Alexander still failed to conquer the planet, drop curtain.


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