Whaddya know: there ARE female turians.

Surprise, surprise, surprise.

Last week Bioware finally revealed to us Mass Effect players what a Turian female looks like via screenshots from Mass Effect 3’s upcoming Omega downloadable content.

The three screenshots showed her from a slight distance and she was hooded. But Bioware has posted a new image of the female Turian on its Facebook page. The posted image shows her full face.

Yeah, I know that Garrus said that he saw one, once – hell, he claimed to have bedded one. But I figured that he was just bullshitting me.


Um, I mean my Mass Effect 3 character. Yeah.  That’s what I meant.

Moe Lane

PS: November 27th.  Woo-hoo!

Finished Mass Effect 3: Leviathan this morning.

Somebody – I forget who – noted that Leviathan’s major strength was getting back to the creepy Lovecraftian insidious corruption feel of the major villains, and that’s true.  The combat is there, but it’s not a violence-heavy scenario.  It’s a couple of good hours of let’s-unnerve-people-a-little, though.  Spooky, in other words; worth the ten bucks, and you get some nice War Assets out of it, too. You can pick it up without dishonor.

Plus, there’s the… well, you’ll know it when you see it.  And you’ll keep activating it, too, because it’s kind of fascinating.

Mass Effect: Leviathan coming out August 28th.

$10 bucks, at least two new boards, some back story… with any luck I’ll get some more resources for my second (and probably final) endgame.  I’ve been holding out for it.

Moe Lane

PS: Best reaction EVER, from the comments here: “I really hope there are no Firaxan Sharks down there.”

PS: You know what would be cool? A strategic game set during the Alliance-Turian war.

So, I’m playing Mass Effect 3 again for my second runthrough…

…and I’ve stopped for a moment to check: is there any combination of actions in the first two games that, when done, would allow me the option of going to the salarian homeworld and putting three assault rifle rounds in the head of the dalatrass for her suggestion that there’s a plausible alternate universe there where I’d sell out the krogan?  Specifically, Wrex?


Pity.  Maybe that can be in the DLC.

Moe Lane

PS: I mean, seriouslyThis pissed me off the first time, and I haven’t noticeably gotten any less pissed off about it since.

Gack. People are STILL complaining…

…about the Mass Effect 3 ending, judging from the reactions to a new app about the final days of production.

Folks.  The game came out three months ago.  Imagine that I’m saying this in that slow, sarcastic half-whisper that Northeasterners use when we’re being particularly sarcastic: let it goooooo.  It ain’t healthy.

I had something else scheduled here…

…but it was kind of mean.  Too mean; God forbid that any of us are ever in that position, ourselves.

So, here.  One of the best sequences from Mass Effect 3.  Spoilers, so don’t watch the video if you haven’t played the game.


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