So. New Mass Effect 2 DLC.

I somehow missed that “The Arrival” was due to, err, arrive for Mass Effect 2 until the notification that it was now for sale appeared in my inbox last night.  So, being pretty much useless today for anything requiring actual sentience I bought, downloaded and played it.

Short version: not bad, but not “Lair of the Shadow Broker.”  It ties into the upcoming Mass Effect 3 better than DA:O’s “Witch Hunt” ended up tying into Dragon Age 2.  Worth the seven bucks for Admiral Hackett, a surprisingly difficult (at-first) … [spoilers below fold]

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No music video tonight…

…I got sucked into watching Mass Effect 2 video cutscenes.  I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this, but if you can play that series in the following order:

The net result will be you’ll wander through the game the second time feeling like your particular Shepard was originally from some gritty, grim alternate dimension where your character did dark things to survive.  But it was all a dream!  You didn’t let at least SIX* Bad Things happen that could have been averted!  And not just the big stuff: I mean, there’s that one guy who doesn’t hate you now!  It’s absurd, how much having that one guy not hate you makes a difference.

Moe Lane

PS: What? Mass Effect 3?  Ohhh yeah, I’m buying that.

*I’d list ’em, but spoilers.

I don’t believe I’m doing this. (Mass Effect spoilers)

Since I started playing Mass Effect, the effing Citadel Council has been a royal pain in the ass to my Spectre.  “Ooh, we can’t have humans as Spectres!”  “Ick, the Spectre is having funny visions!”  “We’re going to lock you down and not let you save the galaxy!  Nyah!”  And I knew – because of what happens in Mass Effect 2 when you play the games out of order – what could happen to these SOBs.  I have been looking forward to it, in fact.

And now that it’s at the decision point…

Dammit, dammit, dammit.  Effing Paragon Hi-I’m-Playing-a-Girl-Scout-Lawful-Good-Mage-Adept. Who thought that it was a good idea to put morality into a effing video game, anyway?

Moe Lane

[UPDATE]: OK, there’s something be said for being the cavalry.

Umm. Did Mass Effect *I* require an internet connection…

…to play?  I ask because I just got my copy of Mass Effect, and it seems to be requiring that.

Bear in mind, obviously I have an internet connection; and I’m only playing it to build my Adept up and give her all the cool options for Mass Effect 2… so that I can have a really cool character for Mass Effect 3.  Hmm.  I’m starting to detect a pattern of addiction, here.  Anyway, I can obviously play ME even if I need Net access; but was this a usual feature of the first game?

OK, having now done a runthrough…

…of both Dragon Age: Origins and Mass Effect 2, I can say this: they’re both very good games. DA:O is a good roleplaying game with lots of combat, and ME2 is a good combat game with a decent amount of roleplaying.  What worries me is the rumors that Dragon Age 2 is going to be drawing a lot from ME2, which would not be a good idea.  DA:O is simply better at real-time tactical manipulation of multiple characters, and it’s much more customizable in terms of individual character abilities.  Plus, I don’t want a fantasy first person shooter.  Or at least one from Bioware.  The Star Wars ones don’t count.

Bear in mind that I don’t want Mass Effect 3 to be a remake of Dragon Age, either.  Although a better map system would be nice.

…Yeah, that was a bad ending to the DO:A saga.

I’m not going to say anything about it – spoilers, and all that – but I expected a bit more. On the bright side, space cleared for more Mass Effect 2 DLC! No, wait, they’ll release the bridge DLC and shut that down, too. Just you wait.

And so the eternal cycle of expectation, happiness, and crushing disappointment continues. At least we got Leiliana’s Song out of them.

Three things I have learned from Mass Effect 2.

In no particular order:

  1. I cannot shoot worth a damn.  Good thing that I’m playing an Adept, because she sucks at actually hitting anything with a gun.
  2. I hate those matching hack/bypass minigames, and am totally ready to get a hack or bypass that eliminates them from the game.
  3. I have been spoiled by the DLC interface for Dragon Age: Origins.  I know that I have DLC available for Mass Effect 2; I just can’t figure out where to find it.

Yes, I’m playing the game and otherwise having fun.  Still…