Location seed: Maxinkuckee Township, Indiana.

Maxinkuckee Township, Indiana – Google Docs

Maxinkuckee Township, Indiana


Located — unsurprisingly — on the eastern shore of Lake Maxinkuckee in North Indiana, this township (population 6,000)  harbors a dreadful secret. Starting in 1973, Maxinkuckee’s water supply was tampered with by agents of a nigh-obligatory sinister corporation (McKinley-Shreck Biological Solutions) for flagrantly illegal purposes.  The entire town was regularly dosed with an experimental, untested heart disease prevention drug that was absolutely not cleared by the FDA before it was indiscriminately tested on everyone.  No corner was left uncut. No safety precaution was not ignored.  All worries about possible side effects and unforeseen results were airily brushed away as meaningless.

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