So, the new keyboard is nice.

It’s satisfyingly clicky, at least: I’m not exactly sure if it’s improved my typing speed or anything, but there’s definitely a nostalgia value to it.  Whether or not this gets blown up the second I try to play Mass Effect on it tonight remains to be seen.  Because it’s definitely smaller than my previous keyboard.  I mean, the keys are the same size and everything, but it’s also a bit more compact and this keyboard doesn’t have one of those number pads on it that I never used anyway which is why I didn’t buy a more expensive one. Gonna be interesting to adapt to, maybe.

Moe Lane

PS: Short interruption there because my wife was going to bed.  She also gave me an early birthday present so that I can wear it tomorrow: a Mass Effect N7 t-shirt. I am a fortunate man.

Gonna get me a mechanical keyboard today? Maybe?

It’s an early birthday present — thank God for Amazon gift cards; I’m sure that my family does, when it comes to me — and supposedly said keyboard will arrive tonight. Or I suppose, this afternoon.  I’m not sure how this works; but apparently Amazon thinks that it can same-day it to me for free, and I’m not going to argue with them.

Now, no tell truthful: what I really want is a steampunk mechanical keyboard. Or at least I think that I do.  Buying a thirty-buck mechanical keyboard first and then trying it out seems to be the adult option, here.  I’ve been trying to do more adulting, lately.  It seems to be working out OK so far.