What we’re buying (02/05/09).

Well, I’m not buying anything right now – I have Mad Men (preferably, with a genteelly mixed drink in hand) and The Dark Knight to see for the third time, but my web guy who put this site together* is going to be picking up Etrian Odyssey II: Heroes of Lagaard (for the Nintendo DS) and Disgaea 2 (for the Playstation 2) Real Soon Now.  Come, I will hide nothing from you: when I’m not mucking about here I’m often playing either the free online Flash RPGs DragonFable or MechQuest – and I’ve even shelled out money to get the former upgraded.  Half of the Contributors list of RedState is addicted to Mario Kart.

I’m just saying that there’s geeks everywhere, that’s all.

Moe Lane

*A link to his is at the bottom of the page, if you like the look of this place.  Or go here.

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