Over/under on how long before Obama goes after CO/WA’s marijuana legalization laws?

Personally, I probably would have voted for either if given the opportunity – I don’t touch the stuff myself, but I’m familiar enough with it to decide that pot’s about as problematic as booze is – but I just can’t see any administration that includes Joe Biden being blase about these two states’ blatant attempts to conscientiously object to the War on Some Drugs.ย  Heck, Obama even goes after medical pot producers; recreational users are going to be even more in the cross-hairs.

What’s that?ย  Federalism?ย  Well, that’s certainly an issu…wait, hold on, I gotta check something.

  • Colorado: 51/47;
  • Washington State: 55/43.



Moe Lane

PS: Hey, it’s not my fault that the Western states aren’t voting their class interests.

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