Watch the Progressive Left Embrace The Crazy over Memories Pizza.

Dear God but this is bizarre.

Yeah, apparently the going theory among my super-genius counterparts on the Other Side is that Memories Pizza planned out ahead of time to get a bunch of semi-literate, provincial trash to scream death threats and foul language at them, just so the pizzeria could collect over $547K in two days in donations.  I suppose that this is preferable to admitting that this specific Two-Minutes Hate spectacularly backfired*, but honestly?  It’s not preferable by much. (more…)


The GoFundMe Emergency Memories Pizza support page passes $213K.

Background: you may have missed this, but Tuesday night a pizza joint (Memories Pizza) in Michiana, Indiana got blindsided by Alyssa Marino of ABC News 57. Ms. Marino went looking for somebody who would be willing to suffer personal attacks and death threats for saying that no, they wouldn’t cater a gay wedding – and the owners of the pizzeria made the mistake of trusting a reporter.  They said that, in the unlikely case they were ever asked*, they would say no: Ms. Marino had got her scoop; and now the pizza joint is closed.

So, hey, score one for Alyssa Marino.  Not that she’s ever going to get out of Indiana.  The media has strict quotas for flyover country, and she probably doesn’t have the right J-school degree. (more…)

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