Tweet of the Day, Best. Belated Christmas Present. EVER. edition.

It was a good day. It was a very good day. Here. Buy something to commemorate it.

Tweet of the Day, Merry Christmas! edition.

It was a very nice day with family, both today and yesterday. Prime rib again today, and oh my but it was as good here as the one my mom made. See?

Alas, no mushroom sauce for it today. No room in the kitchen. For that matter, no mushrooms.

Merry Christmas, folks.

Merry Christmas!

The first wave of presents (my side of the family) has occurred. Dinner was prime rib, with a nice little mushroom sauce that I put together, to the shocked expressions of my sisters (they remember my cooking). Now everybody else is drinking salted caramel vodka martinis and I’m dragging my stuffed butt to the Chromebook to wish everybody a safe and merry Christmas. God bless you all, and I’ll see you tomorrow.

Moe Lane

PS: Half a stick of butter, slice up the mushrooms and saute them on medium heat until they’re nicely browning and producing liquid. Salt, pepper, garlic, onion to taste; then take some beef broth infused with au jus mix, combine, bring to a boil, then reduce heat and let it simmer once it thickens a little. It’s not difficult, but you have to stir it regularly.

Early night tonight.

Car ride tomorrow.  Two sets of in-laws, which means that the toys will probably permeate the entire carspace and then get put into the overhead soft carrier bag.  Or whatever that’s called.  Bottom line is, the car will probably be riding low on the ground on the trip back.

This isn’t ‘see you next week,’ but in case it is: see you next week.  And Merry Christmas for those of you who celebrate it, and enjoy the winter break for those of you who don’t.