Patreon Microfiction: Reasonable Realignment of Resources.

‘Reasonable Realignment of Resources’ illustrates the great question of draconic-human interactions in medieval societies: why does the king particularly care if the burden of having a local dragon is merely that she eats a cow every week or so? He has plenty of cows. Of course, if the dragon is a wild beast otherwise, it’s still a problem. But if she can demonstrate language and self-restraint, well… there are opportunities, there.


Patreon Microfiction: ‘Several Options To Choose From.’

I think that video games really have things to teach the fantasy genre, as “Several Options To Choose From” demonstrates. People shouldn’t allow themselves to get too hung up about the standard quest reward paradigm; it can lead to curious blind spots. Although I suppose one might find such an attitude oddly disarming…


Patreon microfiction: ‘Just a Thing.’

I’m fond of cosmic horror. The Cthulhu Mythos is a great favorite of mine. But ‘Just a Thing’ represents my sneaking suspicion that horror writers just might have a tendency to overestimate just how long a sanity-destroying anagnorisis can go on before the person experiencing it starts to get… maybe a little bored, sorry? Our brains are really, really good at throwing filters up, is all I’m saying.


Question about future books.

You think there’d be a market for the microfiction? If I, say, coupled some of them with commissioned black and white art and sold the whole thing as a book? I’d probably have to crowdfund it, because I don’t have the three grand I estimate that the project would cost to get a hundred sketches for a hundred pieces of microfiction. At that, I don’t know if I could raise that kind of money for that kind of project.


Moe Lane

PS: It’s just something I’m kicking around in my head. I mean, I already got paid for the microfiction, right? No rush on it.