In the e-Mail: River of Night e-ARC (Dark Tide Rising).

Freaking finally. I was actually whining to Baen’s Twitter account about why John Ringo / Mike Massa’s zombie-apocalypse River of Night wasn’t up yet. But it’s here. If you hate e-ARCs, you can always pre-order, of course. I don’t judge.


Book of the Week: River of Night.

Come, I will conceal nothing from you: I have spent most of the last week or so fitfully asleep and/or mildly delirious. I reread a bunch of stuff, when I was reading at all, and I was not particularly concentrating on what I was reading. But I have been haunting Baen.com for the E-ARC of John Ringo and Mike Massa’s River of Night (the next one in Ringo’s Black Tide Rising zombie apocalypse series), so I guess that should count, hey? …No, it’s not up at the site. It’s not even coming out until July. But I wants it, I do.


In the e-Mail: The Valley of Shadows (Black Tide Rising).

FinallyThe Valley of Shadows is set in John Ringo’s Black Tide Rising zombie apocalypse series; and if you haven’t tried that series out yet, I recommend it. In Black Tide Rising, it’s not so much the zombies that are the problem; it’s that most of the people are gone and the remainder are constantly stuck busting their asses to keep civilization running. So, not nihilistic: just very, very grim.  …And lots of guns!  Which makes things less grim, at least to read about.

Anyway, The Valley of Shadows (written by Ringo, and Mike Massa) takes up a part of the story from the first book of the series, and runs with it.  I look forward to finding out to those particular folks.  I kind of wondered.


Book of the Week: The Valley of Shadows (Black Tide Rising).

I picked John Ringo’s and Mike Massa’s The Valley of Shadows (set in Ringo’s Black Tide Rising zombie apocalypse series) not because it’s out.  It’s not out. It won’t be out until November.  But it is being published by Baen, which means that they will release the E-ARC sometime… soon? Maybe?  Maybe putting it out there now will remind somebody else to pull the trigger on the E-ARC, and then I can get it, and then maybe this twitch in my eye will go away.

Come on, Baen.  It’s been a while since the last Black Tide Rising book. Have a heart.  Release the E-ARC. Let me give you my money.


Gonna be a bumper Autumn 2018 book crop for @BaenBooks.

We’re getting a short story collection (Target Rich Environment) from Larry Correia in September, a new Honor Harrington (Uncompromising Honor) from David Weber in October, and a new series in the Black Tides Rising universe (The Valley of the Shadow) from John Ringo and Mike Massa in November. Plus I could have sworn that a new Heirs of Alexandria book was coming down the pike, but maybe not. These three from Baen are going to be worth it, right there. It’s been years since we had an actual Honor Harrington Honor Harrington novel. Can’t wait!


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