Um, people stockpile on bread, eggs, and milk…

…because they’re perishables that run out quickly when you’re making simple, straightforward blizzard foods like French toast, or scrambled eggs, or omelets, or pancakes, or sandwiches for the kids, or what have you.  I mean, this isn’t really rocket science, contra the Atlantic. Lots of people have kids, and people with kids need to have an uninterrupted supply of the foods that kids eat. I mean, I may need to walk over to the convenience store myself at some point to pick up some more milk. Hopefully not, but it may happen.

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Collin Peterson (D, Minnesota), Corporatist Milk Profiteer.

Let me show you how corruption can work in Dizzy City.

  • Collin Peterson is a Democratic Congressman from Minnesota; he is, by now, the Ranking Member of the Agriculture Committee.
  • Unsurprisingly, Rep. Peterson gets most of his corporate donations from the agricultural industry.  Of interest here is the dairy industry.  As you can see, over the years they’ve put a decent amount of change into his campaign coffers.
  • Congress is trying to put a farm bill together again – and they’re having a bit of a problem: the Republicans in Congress want to put a brake on our current out-of-control spending on food stamps, and the Democrats refuse to reduce spending. Ever. As usual.
  • Collin Peterson has a plan! …He wants his party’s chief ag crony (Tom Vilsack, Secretary of Agriculture*) to manipulate the rules in order to double milk prices. Continue reading Collin Peterson (D, Minnesota), Corporatist Milk Profiteer.

Compromise reached on… farm bill.

Moo, I say. Moo.

If you were asking yourself Just how much of a kabuki theater is what’s going on in Congress right now? – well, wonder no more. From USA Today:

Top leaders on both the Senate and House Agriculture committees announced a deal on Sunday to extend the 2008 farm bill by a year, a deal that could avoid a surge in market prices for milk and other commodities.

The measure, which still has to be approved by votes in both chambers of Congress, would give lawmakers another year to iron out a deal. The 2008 farm bill expired on Sept. 30, but a failure to have a law in place would have its biggest impact on the agricultural sector next year beginning with milk.

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Banning Abortion the EPA way!

Thomas Sowell has an article out today about the latest incidence of mission creep from the EPA.  To summarize: the EPA has wide discretion when it comes to oil spills.  Milk contains oil.  Therefore, the EPA has wide discretion over milk spills, too – which includes requiring ’emergency plans’ and ‘first responders’ and ‘extra storage tanks’ from dairy farmers in order to handle such life- and civilization-threatening events as milk getting spilled*.  And, no, this is not an exaggeration: Cato reported on this back in JuneThis is happening.

Now, Hot Air and Ace of Spades both waxed wroth on this, in their individual ways – but I asked myself, Self?  How can I make this work for us? And lo! – the answer was easy.

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