Quote of the Day, Yet Another Miracle On Ice Nostalgia Bomb edition.

Via RCP, eventually:

It’s interesting, Michaels says he never gets tired of people coming up to him to talk about that call or that game. He never tires of hearing people say where they were when they heard the call. I was in our TV room, my father was on the couch, my mother was out playing cards. I remember jumping up and down when Eruzione scored the game-winner… and I suspect that was the first hockey game I had watched, beginning to end, on television (I did go to a Cleveland Barons game once). Of course, it was the first hockey game that many Americans had seen.

I think that I’ve mentioned this before, but: I was with my dad at a Cub Scouts award dinner, and every single person there wanted to be watching the God-damned game.  Why none of the adults yelled F*ck it and made the caterer wheel in a TV, I’ll never know.  The worst part? When the Scouting people announced the final score – WAIT. HOW DID THEY KNOW? …THOSE SOBS- anyway, they viciously and cruelly gave the Soviet score first.  I should have thrown a fork at them.  No, seriously, there would have been no way I’d have gotten in trouble for it at that age.


Apparently it’s a day: Washington and hockey.

Now watch as I leech content off of Twitter.


You either *get* this, or you don’t.

If you don’t, no harm: no foul. I’m sure that you’ll be able to have a happy, full, productive life nonetheless.

Obviously, it’s based off this scene from this movie – which was, of course, one of the better war movies made this decade.

And from Disney, no less.

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