#rsrh Carnahan cuts and runs on GZM.

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Amusing video of the day: Russ Carnahan (D, MO-03) runs away rather than answer a simple question on whether or not he supports the Ground Zero Mosque.

Yup, that’s some impressive leadership we’re seeing here in MO-03. Sheesh, you’d think that he’d at least admit that he has an opinion. Unless he really and truly doesn’t? You get the impression that Carnahan’s current job bores him so.

Moe Lane

PS: Ed Martin for Congress.

Meet Ed Martin (R CAND, MO-03).

Ed is running against Russ “Yes, he really does look like that” Carnahan, who is mostly known (publicly) for his last name and (privately) for his growing disinterest in keeping the job. I’m not being cute, here: I’ve heard from several different Missouri political types that Russ Carnahan doesn’t even really want to be a Congressman anymore… which is kind of fortuitous, because Ed Martin doesn’t want Russ Carnahan to be a Congressman anymore, either. Ed and I spoke this morning:

Ed’s site is here.

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“My name is RUSS CARNAHAN, Congressman!”

“I own a House seat and a YACHT!”


“…which I don’t pay taxes on!”

As Americans prepare to file and pay their taxes, it’s come to light that Rep. Russ Carnahan may be skimping on his. The Congressman avoids paying personal property taxes on his 42-foot yacht by docking it in Alton, Illinois instead of his hometown.

“Illinois does not have a statewide property tax. Property is taxed on the local level only, and includes only real property such as land, buildings or permanent facilities.” (St. Louis Regional Chamber and Growth Association; Taxes and Incentives)

(H/T: Gateway Pundit) “Because taxes are for people who aren’t named Carnahan! Like, Ed Martin. Is he a Carnahan? I don’t think so! I don’t think so.”

Moe Lane

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Post-Dispatch rewriting articles for the Russ[/Robin] Carnahan campaign[s]*? [UPDATED]

Which is, by the way, kind of sad of them.

Jake Wagman’s at it again.

For those wondering, Jake Wagman was the guy who earlier tried to pass off this photo:

…as some sort of evidence that Russ Carnahan is some sort of rock-em, sock-em Congressman (and not, say, evidence of why American political dynasties rarely survive the third generation).  Needless to say, after being thoroughly mocked for it the reporter corrected – so you’d think that the guy learned his lesson about uncritically working with the Carnahan campaign[s], right?

Yeah, you know where this is going. Continue reading Post-Dispatch rewriting articles for the Russ[/Robin] Carnahan campaign[s]*? [UPDATED]

Russ Carnahan (D, MO-03) tries to pander to gun-friendly voters.

I mean, look at this picture.

(Via 24thState, via Instapundit)

…yes, I know. You are right now quietly resolving to never get within 100 feet of Russ Carnahan when he’s carrying a firearm. Me, I’m still wondering why – assuming that this wasn’t a faked photo-op – that the law enforcement people standing next to him still have jobs. Heck, if that’s not really a functioning pistol it’s still subverting patient years of public education on gun safety. And for the sake of Russ Carnahan, no less.

No wonder Cook upgraded this race to competitive recently. And it a D+7 district, too.

Moe Lane

PS: Anybody who doesn’t understand What’s Wrong With That Photo is going to be somebody who thinks that guns are Evil Magic Talismans (thank you, S.M. Stirling) anyway: so there’s no point in explaining it to them. 24thState is more accommodating than I, though.

PPS: One hopes that Ed Martin‘s campaign is paying attention.

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Doing well by being a Congressman’s brother?

It’s amazing what they don’t mention in the news these days:

Wind Capital Group, led by President Tom Carnahan, said Monday it has closed on financing for Missouri’s largest wind energy development.

The lenders, led by Nord/LB, Bayern LB, Rabobank, Santander and Union Bank, are providing $240 million in debt facilities to support the construction and operation of the proposed Lost Creek Wind Project in DeKalb County, Mo. The debt facilities consist of a construction loan, term loan and letter of credit.

The project also is seeking $90 million in aid through the federal stimulus package.

Like, for example, that ‘seeking’ in this context effectively means ‘calling up your brother the Congressman’ (as Dana Loesch helpfully points out). Or that this project needs both stimulus money and a cap-and-trade bill to pass in order to survive (as 24thstate.com helpfully points out).

I’d ask why Russ Carnahan felt comfortable voting for legislation that would directly benefit his brother, except that I already know that Democratic legacy politicians typically don’t believe that they have to obey the rules that they expect the rest of us to follow.  Given the incredible amounts of deference that the rest of their party gives them, they may unfortunately have a bit of a point.

Moe Lane

PS: Ed Martin’s running in that district.

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Robin Carnahan’s (D, MO-SEN Cand) Bad Day (As in, possible ethics violations).

Russ Carnahan is having one, too.  Not that he matters all that much.

The fact that Roy Blunt had raised 200K more than Robin Carnahan in the Senate race was already known – but 24thstate is now reporting that Ed Martin has also raised 40K more than Russ Carnahan for the MO-03 race. Which is interesting, as Martin only declared around the end of July. Guess when they say “Show-Me” in Missouri, they mean it.

But that’s not even the most interesting thing coming from 24thstate.com.  The most interesting thing right now is his evidence that someone in Robin Carnahan’s office is violating Sunshine/election/ethics laws by funneling documents to attack blogs…

Moe Lane

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Have you seen me?

Won’t you come home, Russ Carnahan?  Won’t you please come home?

My name is Russ Carnahan (D, MO-03), and I’m lost:

(via Dana Loesch. Also note: Ed Martin is running against this guy.)

I was last seen a week or so ago, hiding in a garage after a get-together I threw ended with some people that I invited beating up a guy. I’ve dropped off the face of the earth since then. No Twitter*, no blogging, nothing from work… I’m just gone. Now, I’ve had a bit of a sheltered life, and I’m not used to it when things go bad: so I may in a bad place right now. If you see me, please let Ed Martin (R) know; he thinks that I need to take a break anyway, and he’d like to talk to me about it.

I may be with one or more friends, who are also missing: Continue reading Have you seen me?

Rep. Carnahan and the Gladney Incident: the secret press conference.

There is a reason why the United States of America is a democratic republic, and not an aristocratic republic. The first generation of a particular family may be politically able; may, in fact, be very able. The second generation of that family may likewise be politically able. Sometimes – sometimes, and mostly if the family name is Adams – even the third generation is politically able. But it is unwise to bet on that.

Rep. Russ Carnahan (D, MO-03) is of the third generation of a political family.  His last name is obviously not Adams – and does it ever show.

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Brave, Brave Carnahan.

Look at the scary, scary mob.

When faced with a vigorous band of constituents who wished to loudly express their discomfort and annoyance with both Russ Carnahan’s specific and general voting records, the Congressman did the proper thing: he engaged with them. He listened. He explained why sometimes – to evoke Burke – you have to exercise your own judgement in representing your district, and not knee-jerk defer to constituent opinion. In short, he was a Representative.

Yes, I’m joking. What he actually did was lock the doors on them before the speech, and ran out the back like a scared little bunny rabbit. Or a Democratic legacy politician who doesn’t understand why the grubby little proles are so exercised over things, all of a sudden. Continue reading Brave, Brave Carnahan.