Item Seed: Molotok.

Molotok – Google Docs


This aluminum and glass gavel was constructed in 1862 by the House of Faberge at the behest of Czar Alexander II.  As far as anybody can tell, Molotok was not imbued with any sort of supernatural or esoteric power; it was meant as a highly expensive gimcrack commemorating the Czar’s program of judicial reform, and it largely languished in obscurity for the next sixty years. It certainly did not have a True Name until the Russian Revolution.

However, Molotok did start generating significant occult power (and its Name) during the Bolshevik takeover, starting with the judge who used it to pulverize a Communist assassination squad sent to purge him and his family.  That judge went on to wield Molotok throughout the entire Russian Civil War, to admittedly great personal effect (use of it eventually got himself and his family out of Vladivostok and into Japan, back in 1922); but its ability to do tremendous amounts of kinetic damage to Communist-aligned villains could not turn the course of the war. Molotok is strictly a tactical weapon.


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