This Monopoly Replace-One-Playing-Piece PR stunt is ludicrous.

Even infantile.  Who the heck expects that anybody is going to really care that Hasbro plans to replace one of its Monopoly tokens with a new one, complete with a Survivor-style vote-off-the-playing-board style contest?  I mean, it’s not like they’re REALLY going to let the car go away – and all of the other ones obviously don’t matter.


Moe Lane

PS: Right now it looks like the shoe is doomed.


The new @McDonalds online Monopoly game is kind of dumb.

I retain a certain fondness for the Scotsman, and I always liked their annual Monopoly-themed prize contest.  The last online one that they had was kind of fun, too: you got to move your piece around the board and not win anything past some downloads and other junk like that, but it was at least giving the illusion that you were playing a game.  Contrasted to that, just picking one card out of three is a kind of lame way to not win anything.  I probably won’t even bother to keep the pieces, this time around.

Honestly, McDonald’s is usually better at this sort of promotion.  What happened?

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