In the Mail: the Monster Hunter International RPG.

Been waiting on this one for a while now. Savage Worlds apparently came out with a new edition at the worst possible moment, or something. Regardless, I now have the new Monster Hunter International RPG*. Hrm. I already know what games I’m running next WashingCon, but there’s always the one after that…

Moe Lane

*There’s an old one, but I’m not spending that kind of money on it. Although if I had a copy I might be persuaded to sell it for that kind of money.

Book of the Week: “How to Lie With Statistics.”

A colleague recommended How to Lie with Statistics to me, and despite the fact that it’s from the 1950s (with numbers/examples to match) it’s one of the more entertaining books I’ve read recently.  It’s a basic book – very basic; it assumes that you don’t know the difference between mean, median, and mode – and it’s telling that the negative reviews mostly involve either that detail, or the fact that the examples are dated. I didn’t find said dating to be particularly difficult to get my head around, so I can suggest this book for anybody who needs to have an introduction to the subject.  From what I can tell, you could generate a rather long list from the Internet without even trying hard.

Well, maybe that wasn’t the nicest way to put it.

And so, adieu to Monster Hunter International.

Book of the Week: Monster Hunter International.

Monster Hunter International is the first book in Larry Correia’s urban fantasy Monster Hunter series, which has a pretty straightforward premise: monsters exist.  People hunt them.  The basic concept is sound enough for a fantasy series; now add an awe-inspiring knowledge of gun porn and a cheerful willingness to show no mercy towards standard fantasy tropes (particularly when they would run smack dab into modern life*) and you have perfect Kindle-fodder.  Lots of fun.

So was Cthulhu 101, of course, but all things must end.

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