A future prediction of the War on Some Drugs.

Some time on Monday, this article (“The secret life of the moonshiner”) is going to land on some BATFE desk in the Seattle Field Division, complete with a terse DC wants to know why is this happening. And with that a chain of events will ensue that will result in fines, lawsuits, websites going down, licenses being revoked/suspended, and very possibly an arrest or two.  If we’re all very, very unlucky? Somebody will get shot.

All because some dumbsh*t journalist wrote an article (note, by the way, that said dumbsh*t journalist will be the only one who will not be hurt by the above scenario).  Which leads to an observation:

If you want to keep a secret, start by KEEP YOUR F*CKING MOUTH SHUT.

It amazes me how many people don’t get this.

Moe Lane

(Sorry: don’t remember where I got the link from.)