Check me, here: this is a major ergonomic FAIL, right?

Because it looks like you literally cannot charge this wireless mouse while you’re using it.

So what exactly is the victory condition, here?  What is the problem with leaving the mouse plugged into the charger? РOr is it just that nobody at Apple remembers how to do this stuff, now that the Toymaker is gone?


A random observation that may be the only observation that you get from me today.

It really is kind of weird, the way that suddenly one day we all woke up in a world where changing a computer mouse was no longer a let’s-find-the-driver pain in the rear. Now you just yank one out of the packaging and keep on going. I’d like to go all sentimental and say that we lost something with this new convenience, somehow – only it’d be an absolute lie. I absolutely HATED replacing mice, back in the day.

That’s it. Enjoy your Sunday.

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