Movie of the Week: THE VAST OF NIGHT.

The Vast of Night is free on Amazon Prime, but I’m putting it up anyway because it’s fun. 1950s New Mexico aesthetics, and I’m not gonna give away anything about the plot otherwise. Everything about it was fun, from the conceit at the start. But one of the other things I liked about THE VAST OF NIGHT was something that other reviewers noted: the movie doesn’t condescend to its setting. And it definitely doesn’t mock it, either.

Check it out.


Come, I will conceal nothing from you: ATTACK OF THE KILLER TOMATOES is actually available on Amazon Prime. You could watch it for free. I am watching it for free right now. But I’m tempted to get the DVD anyway. Because my God but it’s a glorious piece of crap.

Movie of the Week: “Die Hard.”

…Look, DIE HARD incorporates a bunch of Christmas stuff in the movie, OK? It just does. ‘NOW I HAVE A MACHINE GUN HO HO HO’ exists. They’re playing Christmas music all the time. McClain learns the true meaning of Christmas: saving your wife from a murderous European criminal gang. It counts.

Deal with it.

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Movie of the Week: Face/Off.

Why Face/Off? Because I wanted to watch it, it is inexplicably not in my movie collection*, and it’s, like, seven bucks on Amazon. I feel that this is more or less a no-brainer, right?

Moe Lane

*I have a surprisingly large collection, or at least I find it surprisingly large, these days. When I moved down from NJ I was living on my own for a year until we could get a house (and housemates); I had to do something with my evenings, so what I did was watch movies. Even after we did get the house I would still buy ’em; I used Damnation Decade as a handy reference point to really get into Seventies apocalypse/dystopian flicks, and it worked out. I have movies in those binders I never remember buying.

Movie(s) of the Week: Captain Marvel.

So, we were at the Target today, and I saw the movie starring Captain Marvel, and then my wife saw the Captain Marvel movie. I wanted to see the movie starring Captain Marvel again and she wanted to see the Captain Marvel movie, so we ended up getting both the movie starring Captain Marvel and the Captain Marvel movie. Which was fine, because I don’t mind seeing the Captain Marvel movie again and she had sort of meant to see the movie starring Captain Marvel anyway.

Plus, there was a nice bonus at the checkout line. It turned out that the Captain Marvel movie was on sale. Shazam!