Here we go: Disney releasing MULAN on VOD for $30.

[UPDATE]: via @brett_lemons comes the news that Disney will make it available for download for thirty bucks, which is a much better deal (if one I still wouldn’t take, because if I don’t have the physical item then I haven’t really bought it, and that should be worth a discount). Whether or not this was originally reported incorrectly is a conclusion I shall leave up to my readers.

Otherwise known as ‘ten bucks more than I’d seriously consider:’ “In a move surprising everyone except those of us who’ve been telling you it was coming for months, Disney announced today that their 2020 live action adaptation of Mulan will hit Disney+ on September 4th in a new category of content described as “premium service,” through which subscribers can view Mulan through the streaming site’s new VOD option. This will be simultaneous with limited international theatrical distribution.”

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The final Live-Action MULAN trailer.

The live-action MULAN lies on the knife-edge with me. The appeal of the character to me is not if she can fight as a man does; it is that Mulan is smart. She’s easily the smartest Disney princess, with an instinctive tactical awareness of her surroundings and a commendable ability to effectively improvise under difficult conditions.

I won’t get all of that, because I don’t own Disney. Whether I get a version that I’ll like remains to be seen. They’re leaving a lot of stuff out of these trailers, I know that much.

Live-action Mulan gets director Niki Caro.

Interesting: “Niki Caro, who broke through with the 2002 Maori family drama Whale Rider, will direct Disney’s live-action Mulan, The Hollywood Reporter has learned.” …Not that I find it interesting for the same reasons that anybody else will, I’m guessing.  It’s interesting because I more or less had to be made to watch Whale Rider, over some protest (I don’t watch many non-genre flicks).  After it was over, I turned to my house-mate who had insisted that I sit through it and said (admittedly a bit peevishly and petulantly*), “You could have just told me that she had a telepathic link with the damn whales.”

Which is possibly irrelevant, but still: she did do a good job with Whale Rider. So it might not suck.  It had better not suck; Mulan deserves a good adaptation.

Moe Lane

*Because it was a good movie, and I am not yet a Buddha.

A… live-action Mulan movie?

…Well: “Another live-action take on a Walt Disney Pictures animated feature is on the way today as The Hollywood Reporter reveals that plans are underway for a new big screen take on Mulan!”

Well.  That should be… interesting to see.  I mean, it’d work pretty well, with the right actress.  Just… it’s a movie set in more or less ancient China, OK?  Cast it with people of Chinese ancestry.  Let’s not have another The Last Airbender situation, here.