…Nope, Bioware’s still dead to me.

I didn’t even bother to watch the entire N7 Day teaser video.  I don’t believe that Bioware particularly cares about the Mass Effect IP at this point, and after the way they blew off Andromeda DLC I’m not inclined to wait around for them to come to their senses.  And I say that as a man with a N7 hoodie and a N7 mousepad.

Here. Watch this if you want to watch something involving N7 Day. From 2012. Continue reading …Nope, Bioware’s still dead to me.

Today is N7 Day! [Bumped.]

UPDATE: Here’s the trailer.  Looks like it’s an adventure! …Which, to quote somebody or other, means that somebody else is in deep sh*t, far away.

I dunno when they’re dropping the Mass Effect: Andromeda trailer, but it will probably be today.  I will not lie: I am looking forward to it. And I just got my N7 hoodie back from my sister’s, so I will be appropriately dressed for the announcement.

…Well, OK, I have to take the car to the Jiffy Lube and then do groceries because we have no food in the house.  But I will be watching the announcement in spirit.  More or less.

Yup, they’re going to announce Mass Effect: Andromeda on N7 Day.

This is pretty much a given, at this point.  Also: GET THE HECK OFF OF THE SEA OF TRANQUILITY SYSTEMS ALLIANCE HERITAGE SITE, YOU DAFT IDJITS.  Geez, were you people raised by varren?

[UPDATE: As was noted in Twitter, it’s almost certainly not coming out next week. But we’re probably getting a release date. Finally.]