Group Seed: NATO SUBRON 23 “Abyssal”.

Blame this.

NATO SUBRON 23 “Abyssal” – Google Docs


NATO SUBRON 23 “Abyssal”


The records are there, if you know just where to look in the right Department of Defense archives.  They’re neither outrageously classified nor creatively misfiled, but they are quite sparse, and somewhat technicla.  SUBRON Abyssal started out as an American program, but later took on ‘official’ status as a NATO operation, with Israeli assets added in the 1960s.  The squadron today consists of the following submarines:


  • HMS Affray (UK)
  • INS Dakar (Israeli)
  • Minerve (France)
  • USS Scorpion
  • USS Thresher


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