So apparently the new Cloverfield’s on Netflix.

As in, Cloverfield: Paradox dropped direct-to-Netflix last night.  Everybody I’ve seen talking about it liked it, unless they were a critic, in which case they hated it. Anybody seen it yet? I’m already behind on my movie watching and it’s barely February.


Witcher series moves along with coming to Netflix.

OK. I don’t know if I can approve of a Witcher TV series. It’s not because of the producer

Lauren Schmidt Hissrich will adapt fantasy saga “The Witcher” into a series for Netflix, Variety has learned.

Like the stories on which it is based, Netflix’s “The Witcher” chronicles monster hunters who, with training and body modification, develop supernatural abilities at a young age to battle deadly beasts. Hissrich will serve as showrunner and executive producer. Her writing and co-executive producer credits include Marvel-produced superhero dramas “The Defenders” and “Daredevil” for Netflix and Starz’s “Power.” She is represented by UTA.


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Netflix nicely cease-and-desists a Stranger Things pop-up bar.

My first reaction: “What’s a pop-up bar?” I don’t know this because I’m old (for the purposes of this discussion), have never been particularly hip, and genially loathe the nearest major metropolitan area to me*.  Anyway, Netflix found out that there was a Stranger Things-themed pop-up bar, and they managed to find a way to warn  the owners that “the Netflix lawyers will rip them into a parallel dimension and suck the life from their bodies” (if the pop-up continues, unsanctioned) without actually sounding like jackwagons:   (more…)


Netflix acquires Millarworld.

Link here: what this basically means is that Netflix can now draw (heh) on Mark Millar’s comic properties when making its own comic book movies or shows.  Assuming that Netflix wants to do that. And why would they want to do that, anyway? — Aside from the fact that Marvel and DC are raking in the big bucks, of course. Which is why Netflix wants to do that.

There was also a list of what Millar properties should be immediately optioned, but I’m not linking to it because it was a stupid list.  And why was it a stupid list?  Because it didn’t have Starlight on it. Yes, I know that that’s supposed to be going to 20th Century Fox, but that studio hasn’t done anything with it and do we really want them to, anyway?  Starlight is probably my favorite Millar comic; it should get made into a miniseries, pronto.


Castlevania coming to Netflix as an animated series.

I never played Castlevania, because I never had a NES, because I was lucky to have a Commodore 64.  But if this was your jam*, back in the day, then Netflix wants your attention.  Apparently Warren Ellis is doing the writing, too:

Amusing intro to that trailer, too.  It’s what convinced me to put it up, in fact.  It’s the little things, huh?

Moe Lane

*Did I say that right?  I’m pretty sure that’s what the kids say, these days. It seemed weirdly appropriate.


Netflix developing The Witcher series.

See, this is where you do the goram dark and gritty.  Please, by all means, make it dark and gritty.  That’s what The Witcher is for.

Netflix has announced that they will be developing a new epic fantasy series based on the hit video game franchise The Witcher. The game itself is based on a series of novels written by polish author Andrzej Sapkowski. There are eight novels and they will serve as the main inspiration for the new series.

But who do you get to play Geralt? Worse: how do you reconcile the voice of the games with the voice of the eventual actor? Because I don’t know if Doug Cockle has the right look.  He’s obviously got the right voice, but the right look?


What was the victory condition for the Netflix Orange is the New Black extortion hack?

Brief summary: somebody apparently hacked Netflix, got episodes of Orange is the New Black, and threatened to release them online prior to their first viewing in June unless Netflix paid up.  Netflix said no. The episodes were duly released. And, as Forbes pointed out: what, exactly, was the goal here?

Netflix is a streaming service. Nobody pays for individual episodes of Orange is the New Black. In fact, is anyone even watching Orange is the New Black anymore? Perhaps The Dark Overlord imagined hoards of fans canceling their memberships, finally liberated from Netflix’s tyrannical monthly fee, heading in droves to The Pirate Bay to watch ten out of thirteen episodes in low-definition. Finally, the evil overlord Netflix felled by the might of the dark one.



The Netflix ‘Ingobnerable’ trailer.

That’s not a typo, presumably: I suppose that’s how you say ‘Ungovernable’ in Spanish. It looks like it’s a show about the First Lady of Mexico, on the run after her apparent murder of her estranged husband the President of Mexico; and there are enough scenes involving firearms to raise my hopes that this will be suitably action-packed. Obviously it’s going to be subtitled, but I don’t mind those. Out March 24th.

…OK, I’ll admit it. I’m kind of hoping that this will be an R-rated telenovela with an American-sized budget and Hollywood-level special effects. I’d watch it.  I’m dead to shame that way.


The First ‘Bright’ Trailer (Netflix Urban Fantasy).

I first mentioned it here.  Short version: Will Smith in a buddy cop movie.  With an Orc.  Looks promising: it comes out in December.


The ‘Iron Fist’ series trailer.

The preparations are complete.  Now Marvel prepares for the next stage of its machinations. Which will be awesome, because a Defenders series probably means… yup.  Squirrel Girl.  At the bare minimum, there’ll be a cameo.

(Iron Fist drops March 17th.)

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