The Incredibly Blasphemous and I’ve Already Cleared My Calendar For It WARRIOR NUN Netflix trailer.

Yeah. I’m a weak-willed man. Nuns with super-powers, nuns with chain mail and blue-glowing swords, nuns with automatic rifles, nuns with shotgunsWARRIOR NUN knows its panders. Hopefully, it’ll be able to live up to it, too. MOTHERLAND: FORT SALEM couldn’t quite sustain my interest, although I may give it another shot. Out July 2nd.

Tweet of the Day, So WHY Is This An April Fools’ Joke? edition.

I mean, sure, I get that they’re not reviving Brisco County, Jr. But they could! And even if it’s just for a season, it’s still in Netflix’s wheelhouse.

Neflix decides that if they could sell SHE-RA, they can sell HE-MAN.

Also animated. Apparently this HE-MAN will be computer-animated. No idea what idiom it’s going to be in, though.

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The IN THE SHADOW OF THE MOON spoilerific Netflix trailer.

Said IN THE SHADOW OF THE MOON presented in link form because STUPID SPOILERS. Seriously, I’m not a no-spoilers fanatic — but you don’t have to give away the entire flick in the trailer. Just let us think that it’s the Obvious Thing and then surprise us when we watch.

Anyway, the movie does look interesting, and it comes out September 27th. On Netflix, so check it out there. And check out the trailer at your own risk. Seriously, it tells you the whole damn plot.

THE IRISHMAN Netflix teaser trailer.

THE IRISHMAN looks real promising. It’s going to be a organized crime film starring Joe Pesci, Al Pacino, and Robert De Niro, with Martin Scorsese directing. As EsotericCD noted on Twitter, this is gonna be either an epic get for Netflix, an epic bomb, or possibly both.

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