Ohio inmates MacGyver their way into Ohio prison computer network.

Somebody call Hollywood.  There’s a movie here:

The inspector general’s report found that [Ohio’s Marion Correctional Institute] inmates “took two computers that should have been disassembled, placed hard drives into the computers, installed a network card, transported the computers across the institution for approximately 1,100 feet, through the security check point without being searched or challenged by staff, accessed an elevator to the third floor and placed the two computers in the ceiling of the P3 training room.” The report added that “they also ran wire, cable, and power cords to connect the devices undetected onto the ODRC (Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction) network.”



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Contra USA Today, the shrinking of Obamacare networks is not a surprise.

The USA Today article itself is fine enough…

Nancy Pippenger and Marcia Perez live thousands of miles apart but have the same complaint: Doctors who treated them last year won’t take their insurance now, even though they haven’t changed insurers.


Both women unwittingly enrolled in policies with limited networks of doctors and hospitals that provide little or no payment for care outside those networks. Such plans existed before the health law, but with its expansion of insurance, they are covering more people — and some are shrinking enrollees’ options further than before. The policies’ limitations have come as a surprise to some enrollees used to broader job-based coverage or to plans they held before the law took effect.

…but the title (“Surprise! New health plans’ limitations anger enrollees”) bugs me.  Specifically, the surprise part.  You see… (more…)

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