Neurological Tick [0/10/25] [GURPS 4e]

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Neurological Tick [0/10/25]


These alien symbiotes spread along with interstellar travel, and can be found on a plethora of worlds.  While neurological Ticks are small, brightly colored bloodsucking insects that can successfully feed off of a remarkable range of lifeforms, it is however incorrect to call them ‘parasites.’ They’re genuine symbionts: Neurological Ticks provide their hosts with a suspiciously-significant neurological boost, allowing the hosts to function at up to human levels of reasoning and understanding.


A Neurological Tick, once implanted, will usually live as long as its host; in the wild, they typically last on their own for about a year or so (they can live on most animal wastes, but only if there are no hosts available).  Implanting these symbionts on fully-sentient creatures not only has no effect; the Tick will refuse to bite in the first place.  There’s just something about people that they find unappetizing.  


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