Tweet of the Day, This Is More A Night’s Black Agents Kind Of Scenario edition.

I mean, it’s more thematically sound, right?

In the Cthulhu Mythos, a straight-up vampire attack would pretty much be a relief.  You can kill vampires.  There are multiple ways to do it, even.  Which is why HP Lovecraft invented the Cthulhu Mythos, come to think of it.  Vampires just weren’t as scary as they used to be.

Pelgrane looking for playtesters for Night’s Black Agents’ The Persephone Extraction.

I can’t do it, obviously: I’m already doing playtests for Fall of Delta Green this month, and the deadline for The Persephone Extraction is March 31st.  But if some of you folks have GMs who can fit it into their schedules… it’s pretty cool to playtest. Lets you give something back in the community.

Item Seed: Winston Churchill’s Walking Cane.



Winston Churchill’s Walking Cane


This is the walking cane that Winston Churchill carried throughout World War II. As you might imagine, it can have a certain resonance, in the right hands. And if it ever ends up in the wrong ones, well, the pyrotechnics could be entertaining.  Also, messy.

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Item Seed: The Divje Babe Flute [Night’s Black Agents].

So I checked with Pelgrane Press, and they’re cool with noncommercial fan material for Night’s Black Agents that doesn’t violate copyright.  Which is what I figured, but it never hurts to check, right? Especially when you may not know what, if anything, may be going on with ’em elsewhere. Anyhow:


The Divje Babe Flute [Night’s Black Agents]

The original form of this supposedly forty-three thousand year old flute was found in a Slovenian cave in 1995; and it was allowed to stay in the hands of mundane researchers for about a decade or so. It might still be in researchers’ hands if a forensic analyst with Poland’s Internal Security Agency had not correlated the positioning of the holes on the flute with a particular half-burned manuscript dating from the 8th Century AD.  Said manuscript told the tale of a powerful pijavica that had been warded off by the playing of ‘the Flute of Nebuchadnezzar:’ and the one drawing that survived more or less matched what pictures were available of the Divje Babe Flute. So the Flute was thus duly stolen, and surreptitiously replaced with a duplicate.  From there it was merely a matter of waiting until 3D reconstruction and printing was up to the task of ‘repairing’ the item.

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In the (E)-Mail: Ken Hite’s Night’s Black Agents.

On super-special pre-pre-order edition, mostly because I get the general impression that they could use the pre-pre-orders.  Well, that and the fact that a roleplaying game that features both classic spy paranoia and vampires is going to appeal to me on general principles.

Not a review copy, alas: I don’t have that kind of mojo in the gaming world, more’s the pity.  What I’ve read of it so far is spiffy, though.  Pelgrane Press’s stuff usually is.

Ooh. Night’s Black Agents is available on pre-pre-order.

It’s Ken Hite’s new roleplaying game setting, and it looks niftyShort version: you play a retiree from the Cold War’s Great Game who just found out that you were working for vampires.  Presumably, this bothers you.  Anyway, looks nifty, and Pelgrane Press takes Paypal (which simplifies international ordering immensely).  So I just, you know, now need to fill up Paypal somehow.