My RedState post on Nikki Haley endorsement.

Found here. Short version: getting Nikki Haley was a good get for Marco Rubio, if the screams of rage by Ann Coulter were any indication. And they typically are*.

Moe Lane

*Please note that I would ban Coulter on sight.  She’s gotten rather nastily racist in her golden years and I never actually liked her in the first place.

Gov. Nikki Haley (R, South Carolina), Last Woman Standing.

This is from last month, so no real need to dwell overmuch on it – still, always nice to see an old friend of RedState doing well:

When Gov. Nikki Haley takes her second oath for the state’s highest office Wednesday, she will stand as a survivor of a sometimes turbulent first term, having outlasted many of her opponents and controversies.

Powerful legislative leaders who fought the Lexington Republican’s priorities have left the General Assembly. Foes who took Haley to court and challenged her at the ballot box failed to knock her out of office. Scandals, including the worst data hacking of a state agency in U.S. history, did not cause lasting damage.

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OK, let us address Vincent Sheheen calling Nikki Haley a ‘wh*re.’

See, this is why we can’t have nice things. Background: Vincent Sheheen, the slowly-drowning Democratic nominee for South Carolina governor, had this to say yesterday about Governor Nikki Haley.

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QotD, You Should Hear What The ACTUAL Rocket Scientists Are Saying About The Sequester.

The one that I’m married to will give you an earful: if anything, she’s more annoyed than South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley is at Barack Obama over his game-playing about the “budget”.

“I could not be more frustrated than I am right now,” Haley told reporters after the meeting. She said that when she asked Obama if he would consider a last-minute plan to shave about 2 percent from the annual federal budget without increasing taxes, the answer was “no.”

“My kids could go and find $83 billion out of a $4 trillion budget,” Haley said. “This is not rocket science.”

Read the whole thing; especially Gov. Haley’s ah, exasperated comments about Congress taking the last week off. Fair warning: my wife the rocket scientist agrees with THAT, too.

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Moe Lane

Nikki Haley to appoint Tim Scott for SC-SEN?

A bit of a rhetorical question, there: reports are saying that South Carolina governor Nikki Haley will be appointing Tim Scott to replace Jim Demint as Senator. Works for me: Tim’s a good guy, good conservative, and he’s already demonstrated an ability to win re-election. A term or two there and he might even be ready for the governorship itself.

…And I really do feel sorry for what the man is about to go through. It’s going to get vile out there, on the Left.