Tesla biopic in development.

I’m kind of iffy about this:  “Ethan Hawke is looking set to follow the likes of Nicholas Hoult (The Current War) and David Bowie (The Prestige) by playing electricity pioneer Nikola Tesla. Tesla, currently in development and being introduced to buyers by Millennium Media at the European Film Market, which launches this week in Berlin, would also see Hawke reunited with writer-director Michael Almereyda, with whom he worked on both Hamlet and Cymbeline.”

(Via Geektyrant)  And I’m iffy about it because while I want a Tesla biopic, I don’t want a biopic about this timeline’s Tesla. I want to see a movie about the Tesla who created his Death Ray and broadcast power stations and then flew to Mars and had adventures fighting alongside the Crab-Men of Tharsis Island as they took down the Second Martian Invasion. Giant spider-like mecha. Lightning armor. MAD SCIENCE INVOLVING PIGEONS.

In other words: I don’t really want to watch Nikola Tesla die alone and almost penniless. Because that wasn’t fair. That’s not how the story is supposed to go.


An adaptation of Nikola Tesla’s GURPS Who’s Who 1 stats for 4e.

I needed this for something else, maybe, so since I was going to have to convert it anyway I figured that I might as well put it up here.  Please note: this is explicitly derived from the character stats found in GURPS Who’s Who 1, updated for the new edition. I made a few judgement calls and ignored the Third Edition point totals; judicious use of Talents could optimize/squeeze a few more points off of the total point cost.  Also note that this is not a cinematic Nikola Tesla. If that even means anything in this context, really.

But, hey, it might still be useful for GURPSDAY.


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