Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Summoned to Switch!

It’s coming December 7th, and apparently this version of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate will have everyone.

Video inspired by this. Gary Oldman is also a goram national treasure, by the way.

Moving on: guess I know what I’m getting my kid for Christmas, now. That Nintendo Switch does make gift buying easier for me, I must admit.


The Nintendo Switch is remarkably easy to set up.

It’s not quite plug-and-play, but my wife and I had scheduled about an hour to put together and set up the Nintendo Switch for my eldest, and it took about ten minutes. And half of that was creating profiles for my children. I’m pleasantly surprised.  I didn’t even have to fiddle with the wires; my TV had a spare HDMI port. As soon as everything charges up, they should be good to go.

If I sound bemused, it’s because I am.  I find it disquieting when it’s easy to set up a video game console. I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop; or, possibly, the circuit breaker to short out.

Moe Lane

PS: This thing may end up being a lifesaver on family visits, mind you.


Nice, restful day, really.

Today was fairly quiet. God bless Take Your Kid To Work Day. Also, and thank God for this as well: my eldest’s birthday present arrived today. The Nintendo Switch was supposed to show up three days ago. The kid’s been really good about being patient and waiting calmly for it, which is why it being late was so alarming.  It’s not like I could have easily replaced it at the last minute if the item didn’t show, after all.

Moe Lane

PS: No, I haven’t gotten Breath of the Wild.  All joking aside, we got the Switch for our kids, not for ourselves. I’m going to let them play on it for a good while before I start using it.


So it looks like we have to buy a Nintendo Switch for my kid.

The eldest kid has a birthday coming up, and he wants a particular game (Super Mario Odyssey) that apparently only appears on the Nintendo Switch. …Well, I don’t want to disappoint the little guy, you know what I mean? So I guess we’re just gonna have to go get one. Fortunately, my relatives are gonna help kick in for it, so it won’t be too dear.

The question is, though: what other games should I be getting? For the kid, that is. I mean, obviously, aside from Zelda: Breath of the Wild. I hear that that’s a decent game and everything.

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