The North Carolina voting law changes.

This is a pretty good summary of the voter changes in North Carolina. It’s tricky to report on the legislature… finessing… things without making it sound too approving/disapproving, but I think that the author managed here. Not that it will keep certain elements of the Left from fuming, foaming, and… sorry: all the other words I can think of that start with “F” are all obscene. So let’s just say that the Left is going to be a sore loser about the consequences of not having control of the state government any more.

Better luck next time, guys?



Gov. Pat McCrory (R, North Carolina) shuts down pro-abortion protest! …by giving them cookies.

Bless their hearts.

That was not a typo.  Or euphemism.


Gov. Pat McCrory hasn’t been willing to meet with the women (and a few men) protesting an abortion bill that opponents say restricts access to safe abortions. But he did stop by this afternoon with a plate of chocolate chip cookies.

McCrory was flanked by four security guards as he came out of the mansion gates. Before stepping onto common ground with the protesters – he went as far as the middle of the street between his mansion and the vigil – McCrory pointed directly at Jamie Sohn, a Chapel Hill resident.


Sohn said McCrory told her: “ ‘These are for you. God bless you, God bless you, God bless you.’ ” He handed her the plate of cookies, and waved as he walked away. She said she was too stunned to say anything back.


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Barack Obama to Hawaii, West Coast: [expletive deleted] off.

(Hypothetical) North Korean missiles ain’t going to hit DC or Chicago, and that’s no doubt the important thing:

The Pentagon will request $9.16 billion for missile defense programs for the 2014 fiscal year that begins Oct. 1, about $550 million less than this year’s $9.71 billion, according to internal budget figures obtained by Bloomberg News.

The missile defense proposal scheduled to be released April 10 is part of a $526.6 billion defense budget President Barack Obama will propose, according to government officials familiar with the budget plan who asked not to be named discussing it in advance.

Via Hot Air.  …Oh, just read the whole thing: Ed Morrissey made the same comments that I would, including the bit about how a nuke can really negatively impact an environment impact statement.  All I can add is that it’s a good thing that hijacked, Soviet-era plutonium is apparently not something that the Russian Mafia is insane enough to sell in job lots*… because that’s probably the major reason why the nuclear club doesn’t include Kimjonilland right now…

Moe Lane

*Or else they’re just selling it to countries that have no intention of nuking Russia anyway.

Kay Hagan demonstrates that there is no such thing as a conservative Democrat.

Speaking as a same-sex marriage supporter, I am going to call bullsh*t:

Sen. Kay Hagan (N.C.) on Wednesday became the latest Democratic senator to announce her support for same-sex marriage, as the Supreme Court weighs two landmark cases on gay rights.


“I know there are strong feelings on both sides, and I have a great deal of respect for their opinions,” the North Carolina senator said. “But after much thought and prayer on my part this is where I am today.

Based on the ongoing update to Allahpundit’s gay marriage “pool” post, I’m going to guess that what happened here was that the DSCC – or Obama – did a selective email blast and laid down the law: support same-sex marriage, or you can forget about getting campaign money from the Democratic party.  Personally, if I were still a Democrat I’d be worried that I can’t trust all of these Senators to flip back if they saw the advantage in it.  I certainly don’t trust any of them now.

There is no such thing as a conservative Democrat.  They crack every time the polls on an issue slip below 50%.  This is a thing that happens.

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DNC stiffs Duke Energy for $10 million convention bill.

This is… well, I suppose that the word you’d use would depend on whether you’re a shareholder in Duke Energy, or not.

Duke Energy won’t be repaid the $10 million line of credit it guaranteed for Charlotte to host last year’s Democratic National Convention, the company confirmed Thursday.

As the credit line came due, Duke made official what it had signaled to shareholders in an earnings report last November. Because Duke can claim the money as a business expense for tax purposes, shareholders will foot $6 million of the cost.

It’s a shame that I’m not a shareholder: I’d have some pointed questions about why the board of directors decided throw away six million dollars of my money. Admittedly, the difference in 2012 earnings was miniscule (very miniscule: reportedly no more than a penny), as Duke Energy was quick to point out; but one wonders what other stupid, partisan decisions CEO Jim Rogers has made during his tenure there.  These things tend to come in waves.

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#rsrh DCCC admits DOOM in NC-08, FL-18: SEIU does likewise in WI-08.

I first saw the tip-off from @mattmackowiak, but said tweet unfortunately needs some typos corrected:

  • FL-18 (not FL-08): “The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee canceled a week of airtime in Rep. Allen West’s (R-Fla.) district starting Oct. 9, according to multiple sources tracking the buy.”
  • NC-08: “The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee canceled a second week of advertising in Kissell’s 8th district. Roll Call has learned that the DCCC’s independent expenditure arm canceled a reservation for advertising in the Charlotte media market from Oct. 9-15. This comes after the DCCC canceled a reservation from Oct. 2-8, as first reported by Roll Call.
  • WI-08 (not WI-07): “The Service Employees International Union [NOT the DCCC – ML] has canceled a previously scheduled television ad buy in support of businessman Jamie Wall’s (D) challenge of Rep. Reid Ribble (R).”

Nonetheless: good news for the Republican House majority.  Whether the Democrats like to admit it or not, not having the money to protect one beleaguered incumbent and challenge two House freshmen is rarely good news.

Well, it’s rarely good news for the party without the money.  I imagine that the GOP finds this very good news indeed.

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Obama for America promises to fill stadium for Obama’s convention speech.

Alternative title: Main campaign team for an allegedly likeable President who won the general election with 53% of the popular vote and 365-173 in the Electoral College issues statement that the President will be able to fill a 74,000 seat stadium on the night of his convention speech.  Which is, of course, far too long.

There’s a bit more absurdity in that Hill article (H/T Hot Air Headlines) – particularly the bits about how Obama for America is still pretending that it has a shot at winning North Carolina again, instead of just counting the days until it can bail out of the state for good – but the above represents the main incongruity.  It’s not whether or not OfA can fill a stadium; filling the stadium by fair means or foul is OfA’s job*.  It’s not even that questions have been raised whether or not OfA is capable of filling a stadium. It’s that OfA is tacitly admitting that those questions were justifiedContinue reading Obama for America promises to fill stadium for Obama’s convention speech.

RS Interview: David Rouzer (R CAND, NC-07).

Well.  North Carolina just sort of… fell apart for the Democrats over the last few years, huh?  The Democratic Governor is fleeing her job, the legislature flipped, the districts have gotten redrawn to eliminate some truly egregious gerrymandering, and the upcoming Democratic convention in Charlotte threatens to be a public relations disaster.  It’s not very surprising, then, that NC-07 Democratic incumbent Mike McIntyre is sweating this election – Cook has him as Toss-Up, which is pretty much solely because of incumbency – and it’s even less surprising that Republican NC state Senator David Rouzer is eager for the general election.  We talked a little on the election, and what got done in the state legislature over the last couple of years:

David’s site is here.

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#rsrh DNC cheapskates not reimbursing Concord, NC for lost convention expenses?

This is an older story, but you’d think that it’d have been a larger one:

The city of Concord was blind-sided Monday night by a decision to move the Democratic National Convention’s kickoff party to uptown Charlotte.

On Tuesday, city officials learned that the time and tax money spent preparing for the Labor Day event is lost and will not be reimbursed.

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#rsrh Bev Perdue’s fracking veto… accidentally overruled.

Background here: essentially, Perdue vetoed a bill permitting fracking in North Carolina, and the legislature overruled it.  Anyway…

There are so many puns that could be made from this story.

A veto by North Carolina’s Democratic governor was overridden Monday night because a Democrat in the state House cast the deciding vote, by accident.

The lawmaker, Becky Carney, accidentally pushed a green button at her desk voting for the override, instead of a different button. Under state rules, legislators can change their votes if they make a mistake, but only if the changed vote wouldn’t affect the result.

In Carney’s case, she was the 72nd person to vote for the override, the exact number needed to do so.


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