Yes, Earl Pomeroy (D, ND-AL). Why DON’T you retire?

Doing so will save us the trouble of removing you from office in November.  Which we will. This is a bad year to be a Democratic incumbent in a Republican district.

In an emotional talk with other Democrats on the Ways and Means Committee this week, North Dakota Rep. Earl Pomeroy said the protracted debate is hurting him so badly back home that he might as well retire if it drags on much longer.

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Moe Lane

PS: Of course there’s a GOP candidate running for his seat. Kevin Cramer, chairman of North Dakota’s Public Service Commission. More fallout from Senator Dorgan cutting and running – although ‘fallout’ may have too many negative connotations, here. At least, negative from the GOP’s point of view…

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Senator Byron Dorgan’s (D, ND) retiring.

So much for a quiet day.

North Dakota Democratic Sen. Byron Dorgan said that he won’t seek re-election in 2010, handing the GOP an opportunity to pick up a seat.

Citing “other things I would like to pursue outside of public life,” the third-term senator made his announcement in a lengthy statement that touted his accomplishments in his 18 year career and hinted at his future plans, including interest in writing books and a private sector career in energy policy.

I giggled at this. Actually, I laughed like a loon. And then the toddler started laughing. And then my wife threatened me with death if I woke the baby. So I stopped laughing. But I kept grinning. Because Dorgan wasn’t on any of my 2010 pickup lists.

Moe Lane

[UPDATE]: AoSHQ sums it up nicely with their title.

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Earl Pomeroy (D) would do even worse against a ham sandwich.

Say Anything is reporting that private polling is showing that Rep. Pomeroy is losing 50-42 to ‘Other.’ That should be taken with not so much a grain of salt as a lick of one, but I’d be as unsurprised as Jim is if it turns out to be true.  This is shaping up to be a bad year for Democratic incumbents trying to hold down Red districts.

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Sen Dorgan (D, ND)… well, he’s ducking and covering on health care.

There’s no way to sugar-coat it, although Dorgan’s certainly trying.  If his town halls are all going to be like this one:

Dorgan will be at the fire hall for only an hour, so there won’t be a lot of time for questions, Pyle said.

…then yes, he is in point of fact ‘worried.’ As well he should be: Ramussen’s new numbers are out, and they are really, really pretty.  At least, from the point of view of folks who are against health care rationing. Continue reading Sen Dorgan (D, ND)… well, he’s ducking and covering on health care.