некултурны. #sochi #rsrh

“Nekulturny,” or “uncultured” in English. I learned it as “nyeh kulturny,” back when it was the nastiest thing that you could possibly call a Soviet Russian. Ah, the dubious joys of the Second World:

Beating women with whips for the cameras.  Russian regimes never change.

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Vladimir Putin should go fix his country’s piss-poor transportation infrastructure.

…and stop trying to troll the United States of America.  I mean, seriously: the rest of the civilized world worked out how to handle motor traffic several decades ago.


Although I should give the Russians some credit: they’ve got more paved roads than one might expect from a second-rate imperial power. Guess that was to make sure that they could keep the gulags stocked up with enemies of the State.

Moe Lane

PS: You know why I’m writing this.  But I ain’t going to give the New York Times the satisfaction of knowing that their link-baiting worked.