#rsrh Hey, quick reminder to those Occupy LA dolts: remember this?

This being their ‘promise’ to clean up the park that they destroyed, once they had ‘fixed’ the world?

(credit: Ringo, of ringospictures.com)

Just a quick note: turns out that the Occupiers ‘fixed’ neither the park, nor the world.  On the bright side, a call to LA City Hall* confirmed that the park is, indeed, in the process of being fixed: they’re hoping to have it opened again in a couple of weeks.  Pretty easy, really – once they pried all the fetid hippie wannabe squatters off of it, of course.

Moe Lane



#OWS just letting *anybody* talk these days. If they’re Commies.

This video (via the PJ Tatler, to pick somebody for the honor) from the Occupy LA… whatever it is… has been making the rounds:

For those without video access: it shows a Commie* haranguing the crowd about how socialism is great, and how nonviolent revolutions pale in comparison to the bloody ones. I am almost impressed, to be truthful; even among the American Left it takes skill to find a crowd that will enthusiastically applaud somebody trash-talking Gandhi, but this guy apparently managed the trick. Truly, we live in an age of marvels.

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