I’m talking myself into Ocean’s 8.

It’s supposed to not be bad! Not the greatest movie of the year, but solid B work. I have a weakness for solid B work, and I should probably watch a film this year that doesn’t explosions or starships.

Mind you, if I have to choose between Ocean’s 8 and Incredibles 2, well; that’s not actually anything resembling a contest.


The new Ocean’s 8 trailer.

I’m gonna wait until the reviews are in, but this trailer doesn’t take Ocean’s 8 off of the list.

Basically, it’s a gimmick film where I don’t mind the gimmick. Do an all-woman heist caper flick? Sure, go ahead.  I’m sure that the plot will be absurd, but then Ocean’s 11 at one point required the team to set off an electromagnetic pulse in order to make the caper work. Also, and let me be honest: I watched the first Ocean flick and didn’t bother with the other two. I’m not upset if they gimmick it.

But we’ll see what the reviewers say.

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The ‘Ocean’s 8’ trailer.

OK. I didn’t expect Ocean’s 8 to look this good.

It’s not a remake of the remake of the original, it’s not set in the same world (or is it?), it’s not the same heist (although it’s got some of the same tropes), and it’s not in Vegas. It could be good! It at least shows enough promise that I’m willing to give the next trailer a chance to persuade me.  Your mileage may vary.

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