Item Seed: Octavian Doom Candles.

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Octavian Doom Candles


This somewhat esoteric protective artifact is supposed to not really be ominous, aside from the name. Unless you’re a minor auto-scripted, semi-autonomous post-corporeal soul fragment (or, sure, ‘ghost’), of course.  Then it’s a big, heaping serving of Doom..


The Octavian Doom Candle (the origin of the name is slightly obscure) operates as a two-stage incendiary device: lighting the top causes the candle to eventually ‘unfold’ into a rotating wheel of eight large candles (and a second tier of six smaller ones).  In the mundane world, this is mostly used as a gimmick for birthday cakes.  In the esoteric world, the interaction of the flames and the movement is absolutely irresistible to minor ghosts.  They get entranced, get sucked into the center flame, and then get burned up.


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