In Nomine Revisited: Oddities in the Lightning Organization Chart.

Jean’s Odder Groups – Google Docs

I make no apologies for stealing that one joke. I never have, and I never will.

Oddities in theĀ Lightning Organization Chart


Lightning’s Lunatics

Well, in official correspondence this group is merely called the Creation Trusteeship, but nobody calls them that except Jean, Archangel of Lightning, and his stuffier peers. Aside from everything else, the name is no longer completely accurate: certain angels serving Lightning have become not-quite-official members of this not-quite-official group — usually with a not-quite-inaudible sigh of relief by everyone involved. Mavericks can be a bit of a problem in a properly-organized laboratory, after all. Letting them go to where their eccentricities are not only tolerated, but cherished makes for a serene organizational chart and cuts down on the Falling rate.

Lightning’s Lunatics are where the odd theorists (to orthodox Servitors of Jean, anyway) hang out; savants working with obscure and arcane scientific theories, engineers specializing in unusual technological pathways, and roughly half of Jean’s social scientists. They also tend to have a good number of angels who simply have difficulty fitting into Lightning’s traditional categories. Anyone who can make a successful career at thinking outside the box will find him or herself being gently but irresistibly guided to this group. Most tend not to complain, as the funding remains constant and the company congenial.


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