Tweet of the Day, NOOOOOO Not The Ogre Minis! edition.

This was no doubt a deliberate attempt by Steve Jackson Games to start a financially lucrative panic.

Needless to say, it worked.

The Ogre Miniatures Second Edition Kickstarter.

Fine, let me go get my credit card.

Geez, and I thought that I had published this one, too.  I think I need to back to bed.  — But, seriously, way cool.

The Ogre video game is now live on Steam.

Twenty five bucks.  For that you get multiplayer, and what looks to be an absolutely faithful computer version of the game.  Which very much includes the visual look.  The aesthetic goal here seems to have been ‘automate all the movement and combat rolls and everything boring,’ while reproducing the way that tabletop Ogre presented itself. Add that to an actual single-player campaign and you just may have a video game on your hands.

@SJGames Ogre video game still on track for October 2017 release.

At least, that’s what the email I just got on the subject has informed me.  Not much more detail here, but based on the year-old rendering video below the game concept isn’t that complicated. If it’s turn- and hex-based, putting it together should actually be a snap.

Which is fine, by the way.  I don’t know if I can really enjoy a real-time multi-unit tactical combat game with overkill graphics.  I’m pretty sure that I can enjoy this.  Although, alas, it was not actually a Kickstarter stretch goal…

Tweet of the Day, @SJGames Should Use This For Ogrethulhu edition.

It’s not entirely dissimilar in layout to the classic silhouette of an OGRE.  Which makes sense. As I noted on Twitter, this picture is insanely evocative of Gary Larson’s classic cartoon How nature says “Do not touch.” It’s like they had a contest.

UPDATE: My wife says It’s like Scooby-Doo meets Mad Max.  …I married well.