So… 9K left to getting a Car Wars Kickstarter.

They’re looking pretty close, and… look, I want Car Wars back, OK?  I am even now waiting to see if various funds unlock in enough time to push me up from the $100 (game) to the $150 (game and extra goodies) rate before the clock stops ticking, or I’d be kicking in more right now.  Since I can’t… hey, they have t-shirts!

Also, here’s an analysis of the entire SJG Kickstarter strategy.  There’s some interesting stuff in there that’s kind of relevant  beyond the immediate situation.

Walp. Stuff JUST GOT REAL on the OGRE Kickstarter.

This is how it goes, people: they get to $700K on the OGRE Kickstarter, then SJG will start a Car Wars Kickstarter.

This I want, for two reasons:

  1. I’ve been buying Car Wars since it came in little plastic boxes.
  2. If they Kickstart Car Wars, maybe they’ll Kickstart… In Nomine.  Which was and is my single favorite roleplaying game setting of all time.  More than Castle Falkenstein, more than Unknown Armies, more than Feng Shui, more than Paranoia, and yes, more even than Delta Green. And it may take a Kickstarter to get a Second Edition.

So… well, three days to go on that, huh? I’m already in at the $100 level (not quite able to hit $150, but that’s just swank at this point), myself.

OGRE Pledge Drive Update. (With thanks to my trolls.)

Well, that was fast.  Depending on what clears when, I should be able to cover the $100 level of the OGRE Kickstarter and might even hit the $150 level (which looks like the maximum level of interest to people who just want one game).  First, I’d like to thank the people who hit the tip jar so that I may buy fourteen pounds of board game.  Second, I’d like to thank those folks again.  And, heck, a third time.




…and now that I’ve established who is actually important in this situation, let me then tack on a happy little ‘thanks’ to all the folks who send out all that hate mail.  It would be enough to know that my existence blights yours; but to actually profit from it is living the dream.  As a philosopher once said: “It’s a good life, having idiots hate you.”

And the funny part?  The trolls never learn.

As God is my witness, I wasn’t going to fundraise for the OGRE.

No, really: as I noted in comments to this post I have criteria for doing one, and “Moe would like a toy to have extra bells and whistles” doesn’t really qualify. And I’m fine with that. I have a very blessed life.

Only… apparently this post hit whatever criterion there is out there to generate hate mail:

First off, I have to say that it’s always nice when I see that people have been reading my stuff. And not just the front-page: that comment implies that the guy reads my posts past the fold (I assume that it’s a guy, largely because of the chest-beating). That implies a certain amount of in-their-head that is exceptionally gratifying to see. Note also the almost-carefully hidden resentment there; ten bucks says that this fellow started a blog nine months ago, got ten comments total, and is now bitterly convinced that it’s all because bloggers like me get cut fat checks by the Koch brothers*. Lastly, of course, is that patently insincere promise to throw some cash my way for the OGRE (like he would, could, or that it’d stop me anyway). Won’t happen, of course…

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And today’s video will be NEVER MIND LOOK AT THAT OGRE BOX.

Dear GOD.


Two weeks to go on that Kickstarter, and it’s funded to a fare-thee-well, so all I have to do is figure out how to:

  • Buy it ($100 is a lot of money, BUT LOOK AT THE SIZE OF THAT BOX);
  • Find people to play it with.