Tweet of the Day, @SJGames Should Use This For Ogrethulhu edition.

It’s not entirely dissimilar in layout to the classic silhouette of an OGRE.  Which makes sense. As I noted on Twitter, this picture is insanely evocative of Gary Larson’s classic cartoon How nature says “Do not touch.” It’s like they had a contest.

UPDATE: My wife says It’s like Scooby-Doo meets Mad Max.  …I married well.

Ogrethulhu Rising (Plus, new pledge drive).

As all men know, thanks to the benevolent consideration shown me by my most excellent readers I was able to participate in Steve Jackson Games‘ OGRE Kickstarter to the point where I scored the game and a bunch of stuff besides.  But with great wargames come great responsibility: since I asked for the game, and I was given it, I had darn well better play it.  Properly.  With all the respect that the allocation of large sums of money for a wargame deserves.

In this case: that means minis.  Both the acquisition, and the proper assembly thereof. Continue reading Ogrethulhu Rising (Plus, new pledge drive).