Old Spice makes its move into the critical D&D playing market.

This is sheer genius: Old Spice has produced a D&D character class called ‘the Gentleman*.’  If you’ve ever wanted a PC based off on an Old Spice commercial, the this is the character class for you.  The funny bit? At first glance, it doesn’t look horribly unbalanced. You could get away with playing this character class at a convention game or something.  Old Spice is apparently One Of Us.

Moe Lane

PS: I already know what I’m running at WashingCon, but this tempts me slightly.

*Or ‘Gentle-lady,’ for those who wish to play that character; but it’s totally meant for dudes.


Is this the Percoset?

I’m keeping the dosage at the bare minimum recommended – I figure that if I need to tweak my dosage, my body will let me know – but this stuff is an opioid*, so there’s the chance for altered stages of consciousness.

So: is the below really as weird as it looks?

I mean, it is an Old Spice commercial.

Moe Lane

*How this is different from an opiate is not immediately clear.  Still, Wikipedia is never wrong, right?

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